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Parent responsibilities

Entrusting your children to the care of a babysitter is a major responsibility. You should know your babysitter well. Try to employ the same babysitter on a regular basis. Only trust people who have a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for children. Your babysitter's first priority should be your children's safety.

Before the babysitter arrives

  • Make sure your children and all family members are familiar with your home escape plan including escape routes and your designated outside meeting place.
  •  Post your home escape plan where everyone will see it.
  • Test all smoke alarms to verify that they are working. Smoke alarms provide precious early warning that can make the difference to survive a fire.
  • Speak to responsible neighbours so that, in an emergency, the babysitter may contact them.
  • Post emergency numbers by the phone, 9-1-1 and your home address. Include your neighbour's name and telephone number and also the number where the babysitter can reach you.

When the babysitter arrives

  • Tour your home with the babysitter, reviewing your home escape plan. Discuss the floor plan, pointing out marked exits.
  • Show the babysitter the designated outside meeting place. Point out your neighbour's neighbours' homes.
  • Clearly explain to the babysitter that if there is smoke or fire, your only concern is that everyone gets out of the home quickly and safely. If a smoke alarm sounds, no one should try to locate the fire and no one should try to put it out!
  • Point out emergency telephone numbers to the babysitter and provide them with an emergency information sheet (see the example at end of this page). Note: Babysitters should keep this information sheet with them at all times when they are babysitting your children because they will need it if they have to quickly run to a neighbour's.
  • Provide a flashlight for the babysitter in the event of a power failure and show them where you store an emergency kit.
  • Provide the babysitter with additional relevant information about the children's routines and special needs such as allergies, medical conditions and medications.

Babysitter responsibilities in the event of fire

  • Keep the safety of the children in mind. Get them to safety.
  • No matter how small a fire is, if you see or smell smoke, or detect an odour of gas (smells like rotten eggs), immediately get the children outside and call 9-1-1.
  • Don't waste time dressing the children, even in cold weather.
  • Wrap them in blankets instead.
  • Don't turn on light switches as this may create a spark, ignite gas vapours and cause an explosion.
  • Never re-enter a burning building. Smoke and toxic gases from a fire can be fatal.


  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  • Keep children away from space heaters.
  • Keep children in sight at all times.
  • Always keep this brochure in a conspicuous place.

Emergency information for babysitters


Family name:

Parents can be reached at:
Parents are due back at:

Neighbour's name:

Important information about the children:


In case of fire or an emergency, call 9-1-1


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