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Retirement Homes/Services & Nursing

Nine Mile Villa

Nine Mile Villa is an 18 suite Seniors Community located in the heart of Lucknow.

469 Inglis St.
Lucknow , ON N0G 2H0

Phone: 519-528-5466
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Pinecrest Nursing Home

Long-term Care facility.

399 Bob St.
P. O. Box 220
Lucknow , ON N0G 2H0

Phone: 519-528-2820

Retire-At-Home Services

Provides comprehensive, personal Home & Health Care Services to individuals. Our goal is to give you up-to-date information, guidance and choices around support to help maintain safety and quality of life.

11 Ripley St.
Ripley , ON N0G 2R0

Phone: 519-395-3982
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RVilla Retirement Living

At RVilla, any resident in our home is a member of our family. We provide activity programming, meals, housekeeping and laundry. We make nursing care available, and extra nursing care can be arranged. One of the benefits of our smaller size home is that we offer more individual care and attention.

22 Park St.
P. O. Box 280
Ripley , ON N0G 2R0

Phone: 519-395-0225
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Sepoy Manor Incorporated

543 Gough St.
Lucknow , ON N0G 2H0

Phone: 519-812-1166
Fax: 519-812-1168
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Sunshine Helpers

Private home care and maintenance service.

579 Havelock St.
Lucknow , ON N0G2H0

Phone: 519-525-2627

Travel with Tender Loving Care

Transportation for Seniors - reasonable rates to Kincardine and Lucknow area. Quotes available for all other areas.

Call for
contact information
Ripley , ON N0G 2R0

Phone: 519-395-0496

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