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Point Clark Dog Park

In February 2017 Huron-Kinloss Council approved the plan to construct two off-leash dog parks; one in Ripley and one in Point Clark. Council allocated a construction budget of $9000 per location.  A number of volunteers stepped forward to act as Point Clark Ad-Hoc Dog Park Committee members to spearhead fundraising and promote awareness of the project.

The members of the Point Clark Dog Park Committee are Laura Kuchma, Tim Teather, Kev McLean Harper, Barry Spooner, Marianne Goodman, Jeff Goodman, Sandra Getchell, Jim Getchell, Donna Eckert and Tory Colling.

There are two proposed dog park locations; The Point Clark Community Centre and Lion’s Park.

Option #1 - Lion’s Park

The proposed area is located south east of Lion’s Park, approximately 50 feet away from the existing play equipment. The fenced-in area would provide approximately 2680 square feet of space for dogs to run off-leash.


Option #2 – The Point Clark Community Centre

The proposed areas include a smaller forested area east of the Community Centre parking lot, approximately 160 feet wide by 75 feet long, as well as a larger fenced area in the forest located south of the Community Centre parking lot. This larger area is 265 feet wide by 365 feet long. The larger fenced-in area would not encompass the entire lot but would follow the natural barriers. This location would not be dramatically altered, but would remain a natural, forested area for dogs to play.

Both proposed locations are on municipal land. Both locations would be fully fenced with a double gated entry. 

The Township of Huron Kinloss and the Point Clark Ad-Hoc Dog Park Committee are invited all residents to participate in an online survey to share their opinion regarding the proposed off-leash dog park that is set to be constructed in one of two locations in Point Clark in 2017. This surveywas  distributed to all residents along the lakeshore, in Point Clark and Lurgan beach.


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