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Attawandaron Nature Trail:

ATTAWANDARON NATURE PARK -Walking time: 15 min. This park is characterized by its mature tree community and thick ground cover of Canadian Yew, fern species and wildflowers. It has been fortunate to be preserved in its mature forest state with little evidence of logging or disturbance due to residential development.

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ATV Trails:

Huron Shores ATV Club is expanding trails to include Huron-Kinloss.

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Blairs Grove Nature Trail:

BLAIR'S GROVE NATURE TRAIL -Walking time approx.: 1 - 1 1/2 hours The Pine River Watershed Study (1991) defined the Lurgan Beach Area, which includes Blair's Grove, as a fragile environment due to the presence of erosion-prone sand dunes and their associated habitats.

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Deer Run Nature Trail:

DEER RUN NATURE PARK -Walking time: 18 minutes This nature park represents a small portion of land which has been designated as an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) within Point Clark. One feature of Deer Run Nature Park that contributes to the ESA status is the Clark's Creek Floodplain.

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Huronville Trail:

Huronville Trail connects Conc 12 to the Kincardine Trail system. The Huronville trail itself provides an excellent experience of various ecosysytems including an established hardwood forest with species including Sugar Maple, Hemlock, Yellow Birch and White Ash, in addition to a tradional Oak Savannah with sandy topography, with various Pine, Oak and Cedar trees.

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Lewis Trail:

A new Township of Huron-Kinloss trail is now open. Lewis Trail, located at the east end of Park Street in Ripley, winds its way for 1.5 kms between the Lagoons and the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens back to the Lewis Settlers’ cemetery memorial. This walking trail has two rest stops and storyboards with the history of the lagoons and the former cemetery and church.

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Lucknow Community Greenway Trail:

The village of Lucknow is rich in both history and natural resources. Below you will learn about all the beautiful locations you will visit as you make your way though the picturesque village of Lucknow. There are two possible routes you can follow: The Lucknow Walk (5 Kilometers in length) Loafer's Lane (2.5 Kilometers in length)

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Ripley Apple Rail Trail:

The Apple Rail Trail This trail begins at the end of Park Street parallel to the Ripley Park St Soccer fields, and Lagoons and is a great trail for walking and running. It meanders through a heritage flower garden and apple trees for .1 kms to the junction of the former CN rail trail and then follows the rail trail for 1.8 kms to the east to the 10th Sideroad or for 1.1 kms to the west, ending behind the Ripley Huron Community Centre.

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Snowmobile Trails:

There is an extensive trail system maintained by Bluewater Snowmobile Club

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Tuscarora Nature Trail:

TUSCARORA NATURE PARK -Walking time: 18 min. Tuscarora Nature Park possesses many of the typical plant species of the Point Clark Nature Parks, but it also contains plants not found within the other areas.

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Chris Davey

Parks and Facilities Supervisor

Natalie Meekins

Administrative Assistant, Program Coordinator

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