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Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections

Buildings maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Code perform well during fire incidents.

While building owners are responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Fire Code, fire services have a public safety interest in ensuring that buildings are maintained in accordance with the Fire Code.

Inspections of properties should be done, or arranged for, by the Township when:

  • a complaint is received regarding the fire safety of a property
  • a request is made to assist a property owner or occupant to comply with the Fire Code and the involvement of the Chief Fire Official is required to ensure the owner remains in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.
  • the fire department is aware of violations in a particular property      

Whom do I contact for fire safety inspections?

The Fire Departments of the Township of Huron-Kinloss should be called regarding any inspections that need to be performed.

Please do not call 911 to request an inspection.

Township Fire Departments Telephone Contact Information:

Ripley-Huron Fire Department - (519) 395-3735 ext. 164

Lucknow and District Fire Department - (519) 528-2709

Kincardine Fire and Emergency Services - (519) 396-2141

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