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Implementing Our Plan
Implementation Plan
Implementation of Our Future Huron-Kinloss is ongoing. A detailed Implementation Plan
outlining the Actions that support each Goal and Direction is included as a separate component
to this Plan (see Appendix B). It includes a lead for each action, identifies potential partners,
measures of success, and implementation. Each year the Implementation Plan will be updated
to reflect progress on implementation and align with work planned for the next year.
Annual Review and Work Planning
Each year Township staff will review the Implementation Plan and report on how the Plan is
moving forward. The Actions identified in the Implementation Plan will be incorporated into the
annual work plans developed by the Department Heads in collaboration with the Administrator
and presented to Council for their consideration.
When assessing potential Actions for any given work plan, there are key questions that should
be considered:
Does it move us towards our Vision?
Is it consistent with our Mission and Guiding Principles of Sustainability?
Is it a stepping stone towards future improvements?
Are the resources available to implement it? What potential partners can assist?
Are other initiatives already underway that can be tapped into or help support it?
In the annual work programs, individual staff members will be assigned responsibility for
overseeing the implementation of specific initiatives.
Communication and Outreach
Development of Our Future Huron-Kinloss was based heavily on community participation and
input (see Appendix A for full details). Many of Huron-Kinloss’ community members took the
time to share their ideas and contribute to the Plan’s development. Keeping them informed of
and involved in the Plan’s implementation is critical to maintaining both interest and
transparency. Ongoing updates and an annual progress report or report card should be
presented to the public.
Decision-Making Alignment with Sustainability
To keep Our Future Huron-Kinloss and the principles of sustainability top-of-mind and
integrated into decision-making, all Staff Reports to Council should demonstrate alignment with
the Plan. An example of an alignment checklist has been prepared that can be completed with
each Staff Report (see Appendix C).