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Marriage Commissioner Booking Form

Please use the form below to book a marriage commissioner from Huron-Kinloss to be part of your special day!

*indicates required fields

  1. *Name of 1st Applicant:
    first: last:
  2. *Name of 2nd Applicant:
    first: last:
  3. *Primary Contact will be:
  4. *Address of Primary Contact:
    (please provide details if the individual serving as primary contact is other than one of those getting married)
  5. Phone Numbers of Primary Contact:
    *Home: Cell: Business:
  6. *Email address:
  7. *Intended Date of Wedding:
  8. *Approximate time of wedding:
  9. *Location of Wedding (specify as exact an address as possible)
  10. Date of Rehearsal (if applicable):
    not applicable OR
  11. *Which Marriage Commissioner would you like to conduct your ceremony?
    Vicki Morrison
    Crystal Morais
    Mike Fair
    Marilynne Gilchrist
    No Preference (we will assign a commissioner to you in this case)

Travel and Rehearsal fees if applicable may apply
(paid directly to chosen commissioner).

Cost of ceremony is $350.00. Booking is not considered final until payment is received.
If cancelling, notice must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to date of wedding to receive a refund of $250.00

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All documents found on our website are also available in hard copy by contacting the Municipal Office.