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NWMO Corporate Social Responsibility Program

The NWMO Corporate Social Responsibility Program will consider support for local initiatives in areas involved in the site selection process including communities that initiated their areas’ involvement and First Nation, Métis and municipal communities in the immediate vicinity. The program has a maximum investment per local initiative of $2,500. Priority will be given to opportunities that support community well-being. For further information contact Paul Austin at paustin@nwmo.ca.

NWCAC E-Newsletters

To learn more about the Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization's plan for Adaptive Phased Management please view the newsletters.

NWMO Learn More Centre

The NWMO Adaptive Phased Management Learn More Centre is open in Ripley and has an NWMO representative at the office to provide information about the project and answer questions. 

NWMO Learn More Centre
46 Queen Street
Ripley, ON

Office Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00a.m.- 3:00p.m.

NWMO Website

Visit the NWMO website