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Program for Community Learning

Township of Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee
Program of Community Learning

NWCAC Mandate

As per By-Law 2013-43 the Mandate of the Committee shall be:

1. To engage, educate and listen to the community of Huron-Kinloss regarding the NWMO's Site Selection Process.

2. To gather technical and social research and information related to the NWMO's Site Selection Process.

3. To provide advice to Council regarding the NWMO's Site Selection Process and Adaptive Phased Management.

4. In addition to items 1, 2 & 3 outlined above the Committee Members shall:

    a. be a positive catalyst for the community as it applies to learning more
        about the Deep Geological Repository in Huron-Kinloss;

    b. act as one body and speak as one body;

    c. work with NWMO representatives to make recommendations for
        preparation for a clear plan of action;

    d. interact with other associations and interest groups;

    e. identify, discuss and explore issues relating to the establishment of a
        long term nuclear waste storage facility and make recommendations to
        Council based on findings; and,

    f. assist with hiring of the consultant for the third party review process.

Community Learning

1. Speakers

1.1 Topics of Interest and Roster
NWCAC members have identified and can continue to develop a list of topics or questions of interest or relevance to the community in learning more about Canada’s plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel. Suggestions from the community are welcome on the roster of speakers should they meet the criteria.
 Topics will be prioritized and a schedule will be determined and communicated as per the Engagement Plan. The schedule will be a rolling document subject to additions and updates. 

1.2 Guiding Policy for potential Guest Speakers
The NWCAC has developed a list of criteria which defines the terms under which it will accept potential speakers. 

Speaker Criteria:  Groups and individuals who are knowledgeable and might help build an understanding of the many dimensions of the Adaptive Phased Management project in the community. The committee seeks to include speakers with diverse perspectives on the project, and achieve a balance in the learning program taken as a whole.

Speaker/Groups requirements:
a. recognized academic accreditation
b. technical qualifications
c. body of experience

Speaker/Group to provide the following:
a. detailed synopsis of background and skills 
b. include a summary of educational and academic backgrounds 
c. include teaching and research experience
d. list any publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations
e. Include if applicable who the speaker is funded by

Qualifications should include name, contact information and any other information that is relevant to the Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee, Nuclear Waste and the APM project.

1.3 Identifying Potential Speakers
Based on the list of topics or questions previously developed and consistent with the policy for identifying qualified speakers, the NWCAC committee selects potential speakers to provide learning on the relevant topic or question. Selected speakers will be included on Schedule A attached. Schedule A will be a living document.

1.4 Funding Speakers
Should a candidate or group meet the requirements in 1.2 to be a guest speaker at a NWCAC meeting the NWMO will provide expenses for the speakers travel costs and a small honorarium. 

1.5 Speaker Presentations
Speaker presentations will be planned as an agenda item at a regular NWCAC meeting. Presentations will be limited to one hour. A question and answer period will be permitted for members of the committee and the public and at the discretion of the Chair.

2. Community Engagement
The NWCAC will endeavor to provide opportunities for the community to learn more and raise awareness about the APM project including open houses, displays, NWCAC meet and greets, meeting with groups of interest etc. 

3. Engaging with surrounding Municipalities 
Continuous communication with surrounding municipalities. Invite surrounding municipalities to community events, meetings, Learn More briefings, site tours etc. 

Contact Us

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Email: info@huronkinloss.com
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All documents found on our website are also available in hard copy by contacting the Municipal Office.