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Ripley Arena Ice Schedule

Sunday, January 28, 2018

OPEN ICE for Rent

8:00am - 10:00am

Open ice for rent. Please contact the arena office for more details.
Contact: Natalie Meekins
Phone: 519-395-2909
Email: recreation@huronkinloss.com
Website: www.huronkinloss.com

Rusty Nuts ice time

10:00am - 11:30am

Contact: Mark mcBride
Email: dmmcbride@hurontel.on.ca

Ripley Classics vs. Relics

11:30am - 1:00pm

Contact: Dwight Irwin / Mike Pollock
Email: dwightirwin16@hotmail.com

Lakeshore Ice vs. Fireside

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Contact: Bart Chinnick
Email: bchinnick@gmail.com

Ripkins vs. Twisted Sisters

2:30pm - 4:00pm

Contact: Hannah Brindley
Phone: 519-709-9501
Email: hannahlaynebrindley@gmail.com

Free Family Shinny SPONSORED by NWMO

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Free Family Shinny, courtesy of the NWMO. Please bring a helmet, glove and stick. Shin guards are recommended.
Contact: Natalie Meekins
Phone: 519-395-2909
Email: recreation@huronkinloss.com

Novice Rep GAME vs. Arthur

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Rescheduled game that was cancelled December 16th
Contact: Mike Smith
Email: mikesmith@hurontel.on.ca

Ripley Wrecks vs Jets

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Contact: Scott Bacon
Phone: m.bacon@hurontel.on.ca



Natalie Meekins

Administrative Assistant, Program Coordinator

All documents found on our website are also available in hard copy by contacting the Municipal Office.