Spruce the Bruce Granting Program

**The 2017 Spruce the Bruce and Explore the Bruce funding has been exhausted. The programs will be available again in 2018***

On May 17th, 2010 the Township of Huron-Kinloss Council passed a resolution that supports and authorizes the "Spruce the Bruce" project to proceed in the Township of Huron-Kinloss in partnership with the County of Bruce.

Spruce the Bruce is an exciting initiative and is one of the first regional programs in Downtown Revitalization in the Province. This program will see an infusion of cash and resources into enhancing, promoting and maintaining our traditional commercial cores. Each year (usually March - October), the Spruce the Bruce Program offers grants to downtown businesses and community organizations.

Why do our downtowns need this?

Downtowns commercial areas make up more than 2/3 of the total commercial assessment base in the County. Since the majority of visitors to the area swim at our beaches, paddle our rivers, hike on our trails, and stay in rented cottages or campgrounds, we don't generate a lot of income from our core attractions or accommodations; downtowns are the main opportunity for our visitors to contribute to our local economy.

Additionally, our downtowns are facing significant challenges including aging infrastructure, limited adaptability to new accessibility standards and small footprints, not to mention increasing competition from large-scale retailers. This can create a downward cycle for our downtowns with residents shopping elsewhere, and visitors, who hear about the great destinations in Bruce County and arrive to find rundown main streets.

In short, the buildings look tired and the curbs are chipped and cracked! We want to help and the Spruce the Bruce grant program is one of the ways to begin the revitalization of our downtowns.

Grants are available to Lucknow and Ripley businesses and community groups with projects located within the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Project Area. To find out if your project is within this area, download the Lucknow and Ripley CIP Area Maps at the right side of this page. The Spruce the Bruce Team has completed toolkits for Ripley and Lucknow to enhance, promote and develop your downtowns. Executive Summaries and Toolkits are in the left margin. Businesses and community organizations wishing to apply for grants should consult their community's toolkit and if applicable, signage/facade guidelines.

Please visit the Spruce the Bruce  website for grant details and to fill out an application.



Taralyn Cronin

Business & Economic Officer
519-395-3735 x155