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Strategic Plan, Our Future Huron-Kinloss

 Our Vision

Huron-Kinloss celebrates a unique mix of welcoming communities and natural beauty.

Our Mission

Support the communities of today to inspire the generations of tomorrow.

 About the Project

 The Township of Huron-Kinloss  engaged it's residents in a discussion about their future. The results of these conversations fed into the development of a Sustainability and Strategic Plan, known as Our Future Huron-Kinloss which is a long term plan that will guide decision-making in the Township over the next 10 years. The Sustainability and Strategic Plan will set a vision and mission statement for the Township, and establish long-term goals and tangible strategies and actions.

 How the plan was developed?

Our Future Huron-Kinloss was developed over six stages:

Phase 1 Jan-Feb 2013: Structure the Process

Phase 2 Mar-May 2013: Understand Current Conditions

Phase 3 Mar-June 2013: Develop Vision, Mission, Goals and Direction

Phase 4 July-Aug 2013: Identify and Prioritize Actions

Phase 5 Aug-Sept 2013: Develop Implementation & Monitoring Framework

Phase 6 Sept-Oct 2013: Draft and Final Plan

Who developed the plan?

Everyone has something important to add to the conversation about our future. Throughout the planning process we collected ideas from the community through a number of ways;

Working Groups: Four Working Groups (Environment, Economic, Social and Cultural) that consist of community representatives, have been holding ongoing meetings at different stages of developing the plan.

Community groups and organizations: Meetings and presentations with local community groups and organizations through out the planning process.

General public: Feedback was collected through comment cards and online survey, as well as a Community Forum.

Township staff and Councillors: Ongoing meetings with a Township Steeting Committee, interviews and working sessions.



Interactive Documents


Kelly Lush

Project Coordinator

All documents found on our website are also available in hard copy by contacting the Municipal Office.