Application and Process

Onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems includes treatment of wastes of domestic origin, from bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and kitchen sinks, dishwashers and laundry. Approval for in-ground sewage disposal is required in the province of Ontario. The concern for the Township is the presence of disease carrying bacteria, toxic elements, and nutrients in the form of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.

Under Part 8 (Sewage Systems) on the Ontario Building Code, the Township is responsible for the issuance of permits for the construction and use of sewage systems (also referred to as septic systems). The Township issues Certificates of Approval to construct / install Class 2 through Class 5 sewage systems for new homes, commercial buildings, etc. and for the addition or replacement of existing systems serving existing buildings.

An application accompanied by the appropriate fee must be submitted to the Township for new or replacement septic systems under 10,000 Litres per day for residential and commericial construction. This includes failed septic systems; partial replacement such as a septic tank; renovations that include additional washrooms and/or bedrooms, etc.


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