Election 2018

2018 Township of Huron-Kinloss Municipal Election 


For the 2018 municipal election, voters in the Township elected a Mayor (1) and a Deputy Mayor (1). The five Councillor positions were acclaimed. Voters  also elected a School Board Trustee depending on their school board support.  The term of office will begin December 1, 2018 and end November 14, 2022.  Under the Municipal Elections Act, the term of office is 4 years for all offices.  

Election Results

Mayor: Mitch TWOLAN

Deputy Mayor: Don MURRAY

Councillor: Lillian ABBOTT

Councillor: Jeff ELLIOTT

Councillor: James HANNA

Councillor:  Edward MCGUGAN

Councillor: Carl SLOETJES

Declaration of Township of Huron-Kinloss Election Results

The school boards were acclaimed.


Mayor: Mitch TWOLAN

Deputy Mayor: Perry ELLIOTT
Deputy Mayor: Don MURRAY

Councillor: Lillian ABBOTT - Acclaimed
Councillor: Jeff ELLIOTT - Acclaimed
Councillor: James HANNA - Acclaimed
Councillor: Edward MCGUGAN - Acclaimed
Councillor: Carl SLOETJES - Acclaimed

List of Certified Candidates for the 2018 Township of Huron-Kinloss Election.










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