Emergency Management

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, O. Reg. 380/04, the Township of Huron-Kinloss has an Emergency Management Program that makes provision for such extraordinary arrangements and measures that may have to be taken to safeguard the property and health, safety and welfare of its residents.

An "Emergency" is defined by the Emergency Management Act as:
 "... a situation or an impending situation caused by the forces of nature, an accident, an intentional act or otherwise that constitutes a danger of major proportions to life or property."

Emergency Management Ontario and the Township encourage all residents/cottagers to maintain a 72-hour survival kit in case of emergency.  If an emergency event occurs in our area, residents/cottagers can receive information updates by tuning into one of the following local radio stations:  FM 101.7 The One, 94.5 The Bull, 95.5 My FM or AM 920, and/or the local Kincardine Cable station.  Also, information will be available at www.huronkinloss.com and on our Facebook page.

Be sure to keep up with the latest information by signing up for our emergency notifications via email. 

During an emergency event (or any other time) our residents can access information and assistance with services, etc. by calling our partners at Community Connections via their 2-1-1 service.

Special Events By-law and Special Events Emergency Planning

The Township of Huron-Kinloss Special Events By-law # 2016-64 was implemented for the purpose of ensuring cooperation among the various agencies involved in and affected by special events in order to enhance the quality of life for residents; further tourism and economic development; protect public health and safety; and minimize risk and unnecessary disruptions in the community. 

Under the new By-law a Special Event is defined as; “Any outdoor activity, festival, concert, event, exhibition or function of any nature or kind, including those done outside but under a tent or other non-permanent building or structure, on Township Property or on Private Property at which more than 200 people are anticipated to be, or are in, attendance.”

Special Events By-law Quick Facts:

  • The Special Events By-law applies on public and/or private property within the Township of Huron-Kinloss. 
  • A Special Event that will have more than 200 people anticipated to attend or in attendance must apply for a Special Events permit.
  • In order to obtain a permit the CEMC may require a number of various Operational and Emergency Plans be implemented prior to your permit being approved.
  • Requirements for Operational and Emergency Plans will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of your event.
  • The CEMC is available to work with and assist you to ensure a timely and efficient permit application process.
  • The Township may require a fee for your permit to be processed, a security deposit and/or increased insurance coverage depending on the circumstances of your event.
  • The Special Events Permit Application, Special Events Checklist and the Special Events Emergency Plan Template and Guideliness are available at the Township Office or online at http://www.huronkinloss.com/applications-forms-licenses.cfm for download.

For more information regarding your special event and the permit application process please contact the Community Emergency Management Coordinator at 519-395-3735 or by email ccleave@huronkinloss.com