100 Ways to Explore HK

100 Ways to Explore HK LogoIf you've had to cancel your plans this summer, you're not alone. We've got some good news for you though: 100 Ways to Explore H-K is a "bucket list" full of activities that will entertain you all summer long and take you on a full tour of every corner of our beautiful Township.

Some activities are free, others are paid, and some encourage you to use a little bit of creativity - bottom line? Your Huron-Kinloss Staycation is going to be awesome! Grab a printable copy and start planning how you'll check-off all 100 Ways to Explore H-K or see the full list below!

Make sure you check out our Snapshot program, too! It ties right into the 100 Ways to Explore H-K and gives you the opportunity to win an incredible "Best of Huron-Kinloss Basket" full of prizes!

This program is proudly supported by the Township of Huron-Kinloss, the Lucknow and District Chamber of Commerce, and the Ripley Business Community.

100 Ways to Explore H-K

  1. Visit Holyrood General Store for an ice cream cone - we dare you to get the large! 
  2. Watch a sunset over Lake Huron. 
  3. Book a ride with Lighthouse Sidecar Tours
  4. Head to Family Funland for a round of mini-golf and a spin around the go-kart track. 
  5. Stop to smell the wildflowers while hiking Blair's Grove Nature Trail.
  6. Grab a blanket and pack-up a picnic lunch to enjoy in Lucknow's Waterworks Park. 
  7. Go minnow fishing in the Nine Mile River. 
  8. Enjoy a sunrise over a farmer's field. 
  9. Get some bulk produce at the Bruce-Huron Food Auction and then try a canning recipe to stock your pantry.
  10. Head to Armstrong's Home Bakery for a treat - bonus points for trying the Bacon Butter Tart!
  11. Volunteer at the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens or visit them on market day.
  12. Start your day off with one of the famous breakfasts at Mary's Family Restaurant.
  13. Take a walk down memory lane by downloading the Ripley and Lucknow Historical Walking Tours
  14. Visit Village Pizzeria and try their new Spicy Hawaiian pizza. 
  15. Cool off in the splash pad at Caledonia Park in Lucknow. 
  16. Take a stroll up Campbell Street in Lucknow and do some window shopping. 
  17. Finesse your golf game on the driving range, practice bunkers and practice putting greens at Ainsdale Golf Course.
  18. See how many constellations you can identify by doing some stargazing.
  19. Try one of the scrumptious cinnamon buns at Ripley Variety and pick-up one of their delicious frozen meals for supper.
  20. Put on your safety gear and try a jump at the Skate Park in Lucknow. 
  21. Create an “Amazing Race” challenge for you and your friends with some of the items from this list.
  22. Taste the Lotton Lamb Meatballs at FIG Studio Kitchen.
  23. Game On! Play a game of road hockey.
  24. Nothing's better after a slice than a scoop of ice cream from Lighthouse Pizza and Ice Cream Shop.
  25. Swish! Score a three-point shot while playing basketball in Victoria Park in Lucknow.
  26. Build a bird house with supplies from Henderson RONA, and Hodgins Home Hardware in Lucknow, or Ace Hardware in Ripley.
  27. Find out what the Secrets of the Back 40 is all about.
  28. Tee off for a round of golf at BlackHorse Golf and Country Club.
  29. Add some fresh veggies and a fry pies to tonight's dinner menu with a visit to Kinlough Produce.
  30. Learn a new sport like pickleball, lawnbowling or invent one of your own.
  31. Take a selfie with the boiler at Boiler Beach.
  32. Dance to the music outside of I Want That Bag before heading inside to shop.
  33. Go for a drive with no destination in mind. Customize the playlist and turn it into your own “carpool karaoke”!
  34. Borrow a book from the Ripley or Lucknow Library or participate in a program.
  35. Create a scavenger hunt for you and friends. 
  36. Test drive a new Ford Focus at Montgomery Ford in Lucknow. 
  37. Take a photo of you touching the top of the Point Clark Lighthouse. 
  38. Take a video of you hitting a home-run in one of our baseball diamonds.
  39. Cycle the local portion of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
  40. Take a selfie with Donald Dinnie.
  41. Try the homemade garlic pesto from Two Birds, One Stone.
  42. Cheer on with Paul Henderson.
  43. B.Y.O.B. - bring your own ball and a couple friends for a game of beach volleyball at Point Clark Beach.
  44. Brighten someone's day with a bouquet from Everlastings Flowers and Gifts
  45. Take your pooch for a play at the Point Clark Dog Park.
  46. Shop Local! Take a photo of something you got from an H-K business and share on Facebook. Make sure you tag the business.
  47. Go fishing - catch, take a photo, and release. Make sure you've got your Outdoors Card!
  48. Pick-up a new home decor piece from Lucknow Pharmasave.
  49. Send us a photo of a rainy day craft made from items purchased from the Dollar Haven in Lucknow. 
  50. Put on your chef's hat and create a meal made with local ingredients. Don't forget to take a photo of your plate to share on social media. 
  51. Perform a random act of kindness by paying for the order behind you in the drive-thru at the Lucknow Tim Horton's. 
  52. Take an art class with Cindy from Conscious Creations Art.
  53. Show us your trick shot at the Lucknow or Ripley Soccer Fields. 
  54. Say cheese! Schedule a porch photo-shoot with one of our amazing local photographers.
  55. Give the gift of a smile by sending a letter or drawing to a local senior's home. 
  56. Go Green – show us how you reduce, reuse, recycle. 
  57. You can't have a summer campfire without s'mores! Build the ultimate s'more and share a photo. 
  58. Visit Smeltzer's Garden Centre to pick-up a new plant or accessory and send us a photo of your garden.
  59. Create a Huron-Kinloss cocktail (with or without alcohol) and share a photo with the recipe on social media. 
  60. Test your luck by standing under one of the three buckets at the Ripley Splash Pad.
  61. Check out the latest issues of Grey-Bruce Boomers & Grey-Bruce Kids and give them shout-out on social media. 
  62. Hop on over to the McLarty Environmental Study Area and see if you can spot some frogs.  
  63. Treat yourself to a little self-care at one of the many local health, wellness and beauty studios. 
  64. Download the Huron-Kinloss app (Launching August 2020).
  65. Stop in at Edgar's Feed & Seed and pick-up some delicious Metzger's burgers for your BBQ. 
  66. Get stoked about the waves at the beach with a rental from SurfSup Eco Shop.
  67. Stop and smell the roses at Marion's Rose Garden in Ripley.
  68. Collect some beach rocks, paint them with positive messages and hide them throughout community.
  69. Take a walk and spread some cheer with sidewalk chalk.
  70. Research the history of Huron-Kinloss on a rainy day - the Bruce County Historical Society is a great place to start! 
  71. Make a bouquet of wildflowers or try flower pressing for a great way to add natural accents to your next craft. 
  72. Be inspired by the decor for indoor and outdoor at Cathy's Crafts.
  73. Do some backyard birding – how many different birds can you identify? 
  74. Strike your best tree pose while doing yoga on the beach. 
  75. Try painting “en plein air” - outdoors! 
  76. Do some community clean-up: take a garbage bag and gloves with you on a walk and pick-up some litter. 
  77. Take the Art on Fire Tour in Lucknow. 
  78. Build a fairy garden by starting with a teacup or another unique find from the Me 2 You Thrift Store. 
  79. Read the 2020 Huron-Kinloss Discovery Guide to learn more about our amazing Township. 
  80. Find a unique rocking critter at The Woodshop for the toddler in your life. It's sure to be a legacy piece handed down for generations!
  81. Let the wind carry your worries away by blowing some bubbles.
  82. Make sure your pet is healthy by checking in with the Ripley-Huron Veterinary Clinic.
  83. Explore our brand new website – launching August 2020!
  84. Fly a kite in an open space like the Lucknow or Ripley Soccer Fields.
  85. Pick-up the most recent edition of the Lucknow Sentinel or check them out online.
  86. Discover the online gallery of original paintings at Rose Street Atelier.
  87. Create your own outdoor movie experience in your backyard.
  88. Have a water balloon fight - just make sure you pick-up the pieces when you're done.
  89. Skip cooking on Friday night in July and August and order take-out pizza from Grassroots Woodfired Pizza.
  90. Start a lemonade stand or run a car wash for a day to raise some funds for your favourite local charity.
  91. Try camping overnight in your own backyard. Don't forget to pick-up snacks at MacAdam's Convenience.
  92. Chill out with a Froster or Polar Pop from Circle K.
  93. Go dew worm hunting in the dark after a good summer rain - a great way to get your own bait for fishing!
  94. Decorate your bike and have a parade throughout the neighbourhood.
  95. Make your own wind chimes from natural objects found while hiking the Apple Rail Trail.
  96. Have your bicycle tuned-up or snag a “new-to-you” set of wheels from Marlo Cycle.
  97. Have a bug hunt! Catch, study, record, and release all the insects you can find - just watch out for the ones that sting and bite!
  98. Participate in the 31 Days of Giveaways during the month of July on the Do Business Huron-Kinloss Facebook page.
  99. Enter photos you've taken while completing this list to the Snapshot photo contest.
  100. Share your adventures with us on Facebook by tagging @HuronKinloss all summer long!