Beaches and Harbours

Huron-Kinloss beaches stretch along Lake Huron's shoreline and include historic Boiler Beach and the Point Clark Beach located beside the landmark Point Clark Lighthouse.

The Community Services Department maintains the beach accesses, portable toilets, public washrooms, and information kiosks located at our beaches.

The Township takes great pride in protecting our shoreline. To ensure our shoreline is well cared for, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach without a permit. Sand dune destruction is not permitted for any reason. Sand dunes keep our sandy beaches, well, sandy! The Shoreline Management Best Practices Guide is a great resource to learn about all the ways we can protect our beaches.


Boiler Beach

A beautiful sandy beach located just South of Kincardine; enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Also popular for the Erie Belle boiler, the remains of the Great Lakes Steamer the “Erie Belle” that sank just off the shore of the beach in 1883.

You can access this beach along Boiler Beach Road where it intersects with Concession 12 and Huronville Street.

Bruce Beach

Sand and small pebbles line the shoreline of this beautiful beach located in the heart of cottage country along Lake Huron.

You can access this beach at the base of Concession 6, Concession 8 or Concession 10.

Lurgan Beach

This sandy and peaceful shoreline gradually slopes into Lake Huron, with a pebbly shore and rocks dotting the water's edge.

The best access point for this particular beach is through a public walkway in Lurgan Beach or at the South of Concession 6.

Point Clark Beach

Situated next to the Point Clark Lighthouse, this sandy beach is a great place to spend the day. Here you will find play equipment for the kids, a beach volleyball court (bring your own ball) and family/gender natural public washrooms with baby change stations and a foot rinse. There is also a boat launch available; keys can be rented from the Amberley General Store. For more information about the Point Clark Harbour contact the Point Clark Boat Club at 519-395-5657.

You can access the beach off Lighthouse Rd. in Point Clark.


Enjoying a sunset in the Township of Huron-Kinloss can be even more spectacular from the waters of Lake Huron! Launch your watercraft at one of our harbours and see for yourself!

Pine River (Private)

The Pine River Harbour is a private marina managed by the Pine River Boat Club.

Point Clark

The Point Clark Boat Club provides limited daily launch keys and annual membership. Keys are available at the Amberley General Store located on the corner of Highway 21 and Highway 86.

To inquire about boat club membership contact Ellen Lowry at or 519-395-5657 or Monica Hartman at or 519-591-0606.