Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail™

The 2021 Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail™ is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Congratulations to Leo Montag who won our grand prize draw. Leo was part of a motorcycle group out of Listowel and received 250 Huron-Kinloss Dollars! Other prize winners are as follows:

  • Lucknow Mini Scavenger Hunt: Ryanna Conner
  • Ripley Mini Scavenger Hunt: Ashley Tanchez
  • Point Clark Mini Scavenger Hunt: Jamie Lewis
  • Word Scramble: Cohen and Colby Synder
  • Most Spirited Ice Cream Trail Photo(s): Shannon Loder

The Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail™ is a fun photo scavenger hunt for the whole family, which takes participants to ice cream stops along the trail past beaches, golf courses, parks, splash pads and a pool. 

Photo Gallery: Ice Cream Trail will appear here on the public site.

 How to Play

The Ice Cream Trail™ is a contest that has players follow a map to our five ice cream stops and follow clues to find Sammy Sprinkles.

  1. Get your family in the car and get ready for a fun road trip!
  2. You will need a camera to document your journey.
  3. Don't forget to download the 2021 Ice Cream Trail Brochure as your guide!
  4. Visit each Ice Cream Trail Stop along the Trail, in any order. You can complete the trail anytime, not all businesses need to be open.
  5. At the Stop, follow the clue or find Sammy Sprinkles.A picture of Sammy Sprinkles
  6. Take a picture of you and Sammy.
  7. Submit your photos with the completed entry form for to the Township of Huron-Kinloss. Enter by mail to P.O Box. 130 Ripley, ON N0G 2R0; drop off at 21 Queen St. Ripley, ON; E-Mail (4MB or less) to; Enter on Social Media using #icecreamtrail on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; or enter using the online form.
  8. Contest runs June 15, 2021 to September 30, 2021.
  9. All entries received by October 11, 2021 will qualify for prizes, including the grand prize of 250 Huron-Kinloss Dollars!

Estimated completion time: 2-3 hours (depending on participation in mini scavenger hunts)

 How to Enter

Entering the contest is easy and can be done one of five ways!

  1. Mail: P.O Box. 130 Ripley, ON N0G 2R0
  2. Drop-off: 21 Queen St. Ripley, ON
  3. E-Mail (4MB or less)
  4. Social Media: use #icecreamtrail on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  5. Online Entry Form

Ice Cream Trail Stops

 Mary's Restaurant, 793 Campbell St., Lucknow


Saturday to Wednesday: 6:00a.m. - 4:00p.m

Thursday and Friday: 6:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.

Features soft serve and Chapman's Ice CreamA picture of Mary's Restaurant.


Features homestyle cooking at its best and welcomes familiar faces and visitors. New in 2021, enjoy a dipped soft serve cone, sundae, milkshake or Razzler!



 Armstrong's Home Bakery, 644 Campbell St., Lucknow


Monday to Saturday 6:00a.m. - 5:30p.m.

Features Chapman's Ice CreamA picture of Armstrong's Home Bakery


Treat yourself to fresh, wholesome, homemade baked goods. Our butter tarts are a favourite among customers. Flavours include: walnut, coconut, raison and plain. Other flavours may be available. Try our famous fresh fruit tarts during the summer season.



 Holyrood General Store, 825 Bruce County Rd., Holyrood


7-days/week 8:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.

Features scooped cones of Chapman's Ice Cream and Shaw's Ice CreamA picture of Holyrood General Store.


Offering old-world style and personal service, the Holyrood General Store stocks household staples as well as farm and garden supplies. Celebrating 35 years in business! Tubs of ice cream available as well.


519-395 -5062

 Ripley Variety, 32 Queen St., Ripley


Monday - Friday: 6:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.

Saturday: 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Sunday: 8:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.

Featuring Chapman's Ice Cream

Description:A picture of Ripley Variety.

Offering baked goods, deli counter, sandwiches, fresh coffee, home cooked frozen meals,  and groceries for your convenience.


519- 395-4455

 Family Funland, 1212 Highway 21

7 days/week 11:00a.m. - 9:00p.m. during the summer months

Features Chapman's Ice CreamA picture of Family Funland.


Spend the afternoon at Family Funland go-karting, playing mini-golf and testing your skills at the driving range. Try our burger and fries and enjoy your meal in our sheltered picnic area!



 Mini Scavenger Hunts

Choose your own adventure! To celebrate our 10-year anniversary and highlight past attractions and point of interest, we have created three mini scavenger hunts that you can complete while on the Trail. Complete a mini scavenger hunt for a chance to win a "Best of Huron-Kinloss" basket. Complete more than one to increase your chances at winning a prize! Refer to the Ice Cream Trail™ map and Lucknow and Ripley Historical Walking Tours for location hints. Download the "Goose Chase" app (game code is ZD5BQE) to easily send in your photos to complete the scavenger hunt(s) or read the clues and enter using the form(s) below.

Lucknow Mini Scavenger Hunt

To complete the Lucknow Mini Scavenger Hunt, read the clues below and take a picture at each destination. Please note that there is no sign at the destination to indicate that you are at the right location. Submit your photos using the GooseChase App (game code is ZD5BQE) or using the form below.

  1.  Take a walk downtown and soon you will see; a Scottish sports star from the 19th century.
  2. Splish and splash all day until dark! You will find (two) places to cool down in Caledonia Park.
  3. Lucknow was once home to this hockey star. A painted mural in his honour is not too far!
  4. A state of the art volleyball and basketball court was installed in recent years by the Lucknow Kinsmen. Bring your rackets, tennis balls and basketballs and enjoy the facility time and time again.
  5. You may take this route to do some fishing at Mill Pond and enjoy the beauty of Waterworks Park. This is a great place to take your dog for walk before dark!   
  6. This building formerly housed the Lucknow Sentinel and Lucknow Fruit Market store. Walk in today and you will find flowers, home décor and gifts galore!
  7. You’ll find this large recreational space at the North-end of Lucknow. It was also the location for the Music in the Fields festival not that long ago.

Enter the Lucknow Mini Scavenger Hunt

Point Clark Mini Scavenger Hunt 

To complete the Point Clark Mini Scavenger Hunt, read and follow the clues below, which will take you to a location where one of our Street Sweets is located. A Street Sweet is a large ice cream cone designed by a local artist. They were featured during the 2019 Ice Cream Trail™. Take a picture of the Street Sweet and submit your photos using the GooseChase App (game code is ZD5BQE) or using the form below.

  1. From here you have a great view of a National Historic Site. Did you know it was built in the 1850s and is about 93 feet in height?
  2. A fun place to play down on Attawardaron, its not too far at all. Bring your rackets for some rounds of tennis or even pickleball!
  3. Fairly new to Point Clark, it’s where you can take your dogs for a run. There is a playground there too, so take your kids and have some fun!
  4. Here you'll find a picnic area, playground, tennis court and a large space to run about. There is even some outdoor exercise equipment for you to work out!
  5. You’ll find this park a short walk away from the beach along Clark Creek. It is a popular playground, go on and take a peak.
  6. Just outside of Point Clark, there are flowers, shrubs, trees and more! At this centre, you’ll find the Street Sweet that you are looking for!
  7. Huron-Kinloss is known for its beautiful sandy shoreline. Head straight down from Amberley to the beach and you will feel like you are on cloud nine!

Enter the Point Clark Mini Scavenger Hunt

Ripley Mini Scavenger Hunt 

To complete the Ripley Mini Scavenger Hunt, read the clues below and take a picture at each destination. Please note that there is no sign at the destination to indicate that you are at the right location. Submit your photos using the GooseChase App (game code is ZD5BQE) or using the form below.

  1. Some plants at this beautiful organic community garden date back to 4000BC! It’s open to everyone and in-season produce can be purchased for a donation, go and see!
  2. Apple trees have grown up along this path from the days of the railway; this trail is mostly shaded and can be enjoyed even during the hottest part of the day!
  3. The Lewis Settlers arrived in 1852 from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland and founded Ripley. Enjoy a walk back to the Lewis Cemetery along this peaceful trail if you are not too busy!
  4. This was the original site of the Ripley Train Station, where thousands of people passed through during its glory days. The business located here today, keeps people connected in other ways.
  5. From the newest playground in Ripley, you can cheer on the home team! Have a seat in the pavilion to enjoy your Ripley Variety ice cream.
  6. In the early days, this location was the site of a buggy shop. Today you will find everything from appliances, hardware and paint to a mop!
  7. You’ll want to visit this mural to learn more about Ripley’s past, so get close and have a read. This building has been home to many businesses over the years including a liquor store, millinery, and a place to get feed and seed!

Enter the Ripley Mini Scavenger Hunt


  • Free t-shirt (first 500 participants) for successfully completing the Trail
  • Prize for the most spirited Ice Cream Trail photo
  • Prize for completing the word scramble. Letters for the word scramble are on the back of the Sammy Sprinkles signs. (random draw)
  • A "Best of Huron-Kinloss" Basket for completing a mini scavenger hunt (random draw)
  • All entries will be eligible for a chance to win the grand prize of 250 Huron-Kinloss dollars to spend at local merchants!

 Past Winners

2019 - Bethany Hornblower

2018 - Mandi Pearson

2017 - Quesnelle Family

2016 - Jackie McCormick

2015 - Bobbie Brown

2014 - Christopher Pennington

2013 - Brittany Stein

2012 - Lillian Crowe

2011 - Alden O'Cain