Septic Inspection Program

We care about the environment and know you do as well.

The Huron-Kinloss Community Septic Inspection Program (HK-CSI) program is one way in which the Township and all our residents are protecting our surface and groundwater quality. The project was developed in partnership with property owners throughout the Township and designed to complement the existing water quality monitoring program.

The Program started in 2007 and is currently in the second cycle of inspections, which began in 2015.

Who Gets Inspected

If your property is serviced by a private septic system, you must have your septic system inspected under the HK-CSI program once per cycle, which is approximately every 8 years. If you live close to a source of municipal drinking water like a well, your system must be inspected every 5 years.


The program is funded by a flat rate per eligible property on your annual tax bill, so there is no fee charged at the time of inspection.

Preparing for your Inspection

Your system does not require a pump-out for this inspection. Generally, it is recommended that a septic system should be pumped every 3-5 years, depending on use and capacity.

About the HK-CSI Program

The Township of Huron-Kinloss HK-CSI program in the Spring of 2007. The goal of this mandatory inspection program is to encourage maintenance of septic systems, as unmaintained systems are a threat to public health and the environment through contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water. The program also identifies minor issues that can be repaired - potentially avoiding major, costly repairs.

The first round of inspections for the HK-CSI program took place between 2007 and 2014. At the end of 2014, 3,023 inspections were completed (this includes multiple systems on properties and follow up visits). The program is currently in the second round of inspections (2015 - present).

A full copy of the summary on the first round of inspections (2007 to 2014) can be found in the HK-CSI Cycle 1 report.

For More Information

For additional information on septic systems, visit our blog at:

For more information regarding septic system approvals or complaints regarding faulty septic systems, please contact the Township of Huron-Kinloss by email or phone at (519) 395-3735.