2022 Budget Approval

From: Jodi MacArthur, Treasurer
March 21, 2022, 1:00 p.m.

The Township of Huron-Kinloss Council approved the 2022 Budget on March 21, 2022.


The 2022 budget contains $10.1 million in operating expenditures and $8.8 million in capital expenditures. After revenues and transfers from reserves are applied, the Township must levy $9,394,963; an increase of $373,717 or 4.14% over the 2021 levy. In order to raise these funds, the residential tax rate will be set at 0.00660588; a 2.83% increase over the 2021 tax rate.

The province wide reassessment that was scheduled to be implemented in 2021 is still on hold, therefore property owners can expect the value of their property to be the same as the 2020 taxation year unless they made changes to their property.

According to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) the average value of a residential single family home in the Township of Huron-Kinloss is 243,115.

The increase to the municipal portion of the tax bill for 2022 is $44.22 for the average* residential single family home.

Combining the municipal, county and education taxes, the average* home paid a total of $2,938.30 in property tax for 2021. For 2022, that amount would increase by $106.38 to $3,044.68; an overall increase of 3.62%.
* Based on assessment data from MPAC, your assessment may be more or less than the average.


Pie chart illustrating the Allocation of Municipal Tax Dollars by Department. Lakeshore Environmental 0.67%; Community Facilities 12.10%; General Government 14.77%; Transportation 47.26%; Waste Management 1.96%; Protection to Persons & Property 21.87%; Economic Development 1.37%.



General Government – Net Budget $1,642,541.00

This budget includes the costs of Council and the municipal administration building and services. The 2022 budget includes upgrades to computer equipment, staff office space and council chambers furniture and electronics. Council has committed a contribution of $100,000.00 to the Kincardine and Community Health Care Foundation Hospital Redevelopment Capital Campaign. Other items include continued support for the Saugeen Mobility and Regional Transit service, grants to local community organizations and the 2022 municipal election.

Transportation – Net Budget $5,255,042.00

This budget includes the costs for maintenance of all buildings, equipment and activities related to roads, bridges, roadside grass cutting, shoulder maintenance, ditching, gravel resurfacing, dust control, catch basins & culverts, streetlights, sidewalks, regulatory and street signage, civic addressing, littering, street sweeping, snow removal, sanding, hard top surface patching and tree trimming and removal. An 8 km section of Concession 12 from Bruce Rd 7 to Highway 21 will be pulverized and paved. The reconstruction of Wheeler and Victoria Streets in Lucknow is planned with additional sidewalk improvements for Lucknow. Improved drainage in the southwest corner of Ripley is proposed, an investigation for improved drainage in the area of Victoria Road and Birch Crescent and completion of Phase 1 of the Bruce Beach Municipal Drain are included in the 2022 budget. The Township will invest in gravel pit licence application and amendments to extend the availability of gravel and complete a traffic study and design work for future upgrades to Boiler Beach Road. Also planned for 2022 is the rehabilitation of the bridge located on Concession 8 between Highway 21 and Lake Range Drive. A transfer to reserve for the 2023 Tanglewood and Ridgewood Road reconstruction project is included in the budget and installation of new street lights as required. Equipment purchases include two pick up trucks, tractor, roadside mower, grader painting, float trailer, one tonne truck and a tandem plow truck.

Waste Management – Net Budget $217,800.00

This budget includes the costs for operation of the landfill sites, garbage collection and recycling. User fees play a significant role in lowering the net budget. Financial consideration for the closure and post closure liability of the landfills are included. 2022 projects include installation of chain link fencing.

Protection to Persons and Property – Net Budget $2,431,872.00

This category contains the costs for many services including, by-law enforcement, emergency management, physician recruitment, police services board and crossing guard. It also accounts for fire protection services provided by the Ripley-Huron Fire Station and Lucknow & District Fire Station; the latter is jointly managed with the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. The Ripley-Huron Fire Station budget includes fire fighting equipment, personal protective equipment, self contained breathing apparatus and an AED purchase. The garage door openers will be replaced at the Ripley Fire Station and a fire service needs analysis completed to guide future decision making. The Lucknow Fire Station budget includes personal protective equipment, auto extrication equipment and other equipment as required. A transfer to reserve has been included for the future replacement of pumper trucks for each station and both stations will replace the handheld portable radios. More than half of the total budget is allocated to providing police services by the OPP. The Township also provides space for community policing offices and supports the activities of the Police Services Board and participation in the Community Safety and Well Being Plan for Grey-Bruce. Property protection services include building and planning and municipal drains.

Economic Development & Tourism – Net Budget $152,190.00

The economic development budget funds a variety of initiatives to support local businesses and increase tourism opportunities in the Township of Huron-Kinloss. 2022 will see the continuation of the holiday shopping pass, publication of the Huron-Kinloss Discovery Guide and resident attraction initiatives. This department is also responsible for the operation of the Point Clark Lighthouse and Museum. The Township is launching a project to revitalize and redesign the museum displays. Other projects for 2022 include replacing tourism kiosks, tourism strategy and action plan branding and supporting the Women in Carpentry Program. The Township will continue the Downtown Improvement Program and the Explore H-K promotion that was developed in 2020 to support local businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hub, offering business supports both locally and regionally opened in 2020. For 2022, the Hub will continue to provide numerous events and webinars to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The servicing of the Ripley light industrial park is expected to be complete this year and marketing of the site will begin.

Lakeshore Environmental - Net Budget $74,550.00

The lakeshore environmental budget highlights activities that Council has undertaken specifically to improve our natural environment. In 2022 the Township will continue with beach cleaning, management of invasive species and membership in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative; a binational coalition working to advance the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Funding has been provided by ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability to host planting workshops, in partnership with the Lake Huron Coastal Conservation Centre to plant 1,200 trees and shrubs. Other continued programs include water quality monitoring support for the efforts of the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network in achieving their vision of clean water and a healthy ecosystem within the Pine River watershed.

Community Services– Net Budget $1,345,960.00

This budget contains a variety of recreation and community services, including 22 different parks and sports fields that the Township maintains as well as beach accesses, trails and facilities that are owned and/or maintained by the Township. These facilities include; the Ripley and Lucknow libraries (occupied by County of Bruce), Lucknow Town Hall, Lucknow Medical Centre (managed jointly with A-C-W), Ripley Medical Centre/Family Y Childcare Centre, Point Clark Community Centre, Lucknow & District Sports Complex (managed jointly with A-C-W) and the Ripley-Huron Community Centre. The Township also contributes to the Municipality of Kincardine for recreation services and assists the Lucknow Community Centre. The Township intends to develop a Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan this year to help shape services for the future. 2022 projects include trail improvements, tree planting and walkway development. New playground equipment is proposed for Heritage Park and a set of swings to be installed in Blue Park. The elevator at the Lucknow Town Hall will undergo capital repairs and the door entry system upgraded at several facilities. The Ripley-Huron Community Centre will be renovated to include new accessible front entrance doors, dressings rooms additional storage and replace the roof on the west addition. Planned projects at the Lucknow & District Sports Complex and parks include; purchase of a floor scrubber, trailer, pick-up truck, computer equipment, sound system, pool diving board, gas conversion and drawings for a future renovation.

Drinking Water and Waste Water Management – User Pay

The Township is responsible for the operation of four drinking water systems and two sanitary sewer systems within the municipality. At the north end of the Township, a number of households also receive water and sewer services from the Municipality of Kincardine. The supply and operation of these systems is funded by the water service rate that is charged to each user of the service. Upgrades and replacement of the distribution system are funded either by payment of an annual waterworks distribution rate or by recovery from each benefitting property in the project area at the time of construction. In 2020 the Township implemented a waterworks distribution rate for the lakeshore area water system, to be phased in depending on when a lump sum was paid towards the capital cost of upgrading the distribution system. 2022 projects include Point Clark Standpipe restoration, London Road water main, SCADA system upgrades, well inspections and remediations, Wheeler and Victoria Street water main and replacement of the Lucknow Standpipe.