Help Design our Community Murals!

A picture of a butterfly template.
The Township of Huron-Kinloss has hired MLE Designs to create three interactive murals in the communities of Lucknow, Point Clark and Ripley. The murals will be similar in that they will take the shape of butterfly wings, but each mural will reflect the unique historical and cultural elements of the community. We were inspired by the angel wings painted on Sleeper's Bed Gallery in Kincardine.
We invite you to help create the three mural designs by submitting ideas to of elements to incorporate in each set of butterfly wings. Consider these three questions. What makes your community a great place to live? What pieces of the past do you feel should be celebrated? What is your community known for? Please note that while all ideas will be considered, not all will be incorporated into the final designs. Ideas will be accepted until 4:00p.m. on June 16th.