Ontario Wildlife Compensation Program

If you lose livestock on your farm because of a predator, you have options for compensation. The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is a federal-provincial-territorial funding program created to assist livestock owners that experience loss or harmed animals due to a predator. There is a process that must be followed in order to be eligible for funding. If you have questions about the process please contact OMAFRA

Process to apply for compensation

The Applicant (Owner) must meet all eligibility requirements which include:

  • You must have a valid Farm Business Registration Number and a valid Premises Identification Number (PID) for the farm property where the eligible livestock or poultry species was killed or injured by an eligible predator
  • You can demonstrate reasonable care to prevent predation
  • You notified the Township within 48 hours of discovering the injured/dead livestock at 519-395-3735 or by email
  • You preserve the site & carcass(es) until the investigator arrives, and;
  • it is strongly suggested that you take clear photographs & notes of the carcass & kill site which can be submitted as additional evidence.

The investigator will :

  • Carry out a full and impartial investigation within 72 hours of receiving the notification
  • Take 3-6 colour photos per eligible kill/injury
  • Document all information about the kill/injury

Primary evidence must be present and used to determine predation.  This evidence includes a full/partial carcass, proof that the animal was healthy and alive prior to attack and that a predatory attack occurred (i.e. blood, signs of tissue damage/struggle). Secondary evidence can be used to substantiate the Primary Evidence.  Secondary evidence could be a visual on scat or tracks, herd behaviour, or client predation history.  Secondary evidence supports decision making but on its own cannot be used to demonstrate predation.

The application must be submitted no more than 7 business days after the on-site investigation. OMAFRA reviews the application and informs the owner of the decision within 30 business days of submitting a complete application.  If an owner does not agree with the outcome of their application, they are eligible to appeal.  The owner has 20 business days to appeal the outcome of their application to OMAFRA.