Road Construction & Traffic Calming

Yellow and black chevrons with caution icon and text reading "Road Construction & Traffic Calming"

Road Construction on Concession 12 and Slowing Traffic in Kinloss

Summer days make our roads busier with construction and traffic. Please slow down and pay attention when driving, especially on unfamiliar roads and in construction zones.

Road Construction

Road Construction on Concession 12 between County Road 7 and Highway 21 will start at the beginning of June and continue throughout the summer months.

Please expect delays if travelling this route and drive safely. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Traffic Calming Measures

The next time you drive on Bruce County Road 1 through Kinloss, you’ll notice there have been some changes to improve the safety of those travelling through the area.

Bruce County Transportation and Environmental Services have put in place visual lane narrowing and peripheral transverse bars on the road surface. They’ve also posted a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour.

You can read more about Road Construction and Maintenance in Bruce County online.