Canada's Plan for Used Nuclear Fuel

In 2013, the Township of Huron-Kinloss agreed to learn more about Canada's plan for used nuclear fuel and how the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) proposed to store it in a Deep Geological Repository (DGR). Huron-Kinloss was one of several communities being considered as a host community through the site-selection process.

Huron-Kinloss No Longer Considered a Host Community for the NWMO Deep Geological Repository

In January 2020, the NWMO announced they had secured the sufficient amount of land in Municipality of South Bruce  to continue studies for the DGR. This announcement meant that the Township of Huron-Kinloss was removed from the site-selection process and no longer considered a host community for the project.

“The South Bruce landowners were first to sign option agreements and that is why South Bruce was selected at this time” said Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan. January 24, 2020 - The Nuclear Waste Management Organization has announced that the Municipality of South Bruce now has a sufficient amount of land to remain in the site selection process. 

The land access process was initiated in May 2019.  In November 2019 NWMO announced that either the Township of Huron-Kinloss or the Municipality of South Bruce would move forward in the site selection process once a potential repository site is located through the land access process.

“However, as we have said from the very beginning of this process, if the DGR is located in South Bruce, we in Huron-Kinloss will be directly and significantly affected.  As the neighbouring municipality to South Bruce our due diligence regarding the DGR will continue.  It's our responsibility to ensure our community's best interests are protected and advanced through the balance of NWMO's site selection process,” said Mayor Twolan.

Mayor Twolan also expressed his thanks to the many Huron-Kinloss landowners who came forward to offer up their lands for the DGR project however there was not a sufficient amount of land to form a site.  “I really appreciate how our local Huron-Kinloss landowners carefully considered the DGR proposal, evaluated the science and extensive work done in support of the DGR project, and who concluded that they were prepared to offer up their land.”

The Township of Huron-Kinloss would like to extend congratulations to the Municipality of South Bruce for their efforts in this process.

Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee

In light of the Township of Huron-Kinloss no longer in the site selection process, future meetings of the Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee (NWCAC) have been canceled until a path forward has been determined. The Township will continue to keep our residents informed as future decisions unfold.

The NWCAC role was to work with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and the community of Huron-Kinloss in the in the process of gathering information regarding the possibility of siting of a high-level nuclear waste Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) in Huron-Kinloss.

2020 Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee 

Mayor Mitch Twolan – Chair
Deputy Mayor Don Murray – Vice Chair
Mr. Larry Allison
Mr. Mike Diebel
Mr. David Grant
Mrs. Dianne Heinisch 

Mr. Wilf Gamble

Mary Rose Walden - non voting member
Elyse Dewar - Secretary, non voting member

Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee Mandate and Terms of Reference

Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee Agendas and Minutes