Canada's Plan for Used Nuclear Fuel

In 2013, the Township of Huron-Kinloss agreed to learn more about Canada's plan for used nuclear fuel and how the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) proposed to store it in a Deep Geological Repository (DGR). Huron-Kinloss was one of several communities being considered as a host community through the site-selection process.

In January 2020, the NWMO announced they had secured the sufficient amount of land in Municipality of South Bruce  to continue studies for the DGR. This announcement meant that the Township of Huron-Kinloss was removed from the site-selection process and no longer considered a host community for the project.

Huron-Kinloss No Longer Considered a Host Community for the NWMO Deep Geological Repository

Today, the NWMO is engaging with two potential siting areas, including First Nation and Métis communities in the area, interested in learning more about Canada’s plan. The Township of Ignace in northwestern Ontario, and the Municipality of South Bruce in southern Ontario are considered potential host areas for the project. 

The NWMO plans to select a site in 2023. Canada’s plan will only proceed in an area with informed and willing hosts working together with the local community, municipalities and First Nations and Métis people to implement it.

  The Municipality of South Bruce Continues to Learn More

South Bruce Council and the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee continues to learn more about the Adaptive Phased Management project.

  • Comprehensive Studies: At the February virtual meeting of the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (CLC), attendees learned about the comprehensive study plan that will begin this year for defining partnership. This work will build on studies completed in 2012 to establish baseline conditions in a number of areas, including employment and workforce, housing, infrastructure improvements, economics, health and agricultural sector effects, property values, and others. The studies will either be led by the municipality, the NWMO or in some cases both organizations.
  • Well Water Sampling: The NWMO geoscience team and their contractor have completed pre-drilling water well sampling and testing at the potential repository site in Teeswater, Ontario, marking another major milestone in its preparations for deep borehole drilling in the area this spring.
  • South Bruce's List of Guiding Principles: South Bruce Council endorsed a list of guiding principles to assist the Municipality in their ongoing engagement in the Adaptive Phased Management Project
  • Transportation Survey: The NWMO is seeking input from the public to help guide and shape future plans for the transportation of used nuclear fuel in Canada with the release of the draft Transportation Planning Framework: Moving Forward Together - An Invitation to Review and is seeking feedback and input on the framework from Canadians and Indigenous people. Take the Transportation Survey.


 The Township of Ignace Continues to Learn More

The Ignace Community Nuclear Liaison Committee continues to learn more about the Adaptive Phased Management project and the potential host the DGR. 

Work in current phase begins with initial studies such as geophysical and environmental surveys to further assess potential suitability. Studies to further assess potential to foster well-being in the area continue.

Based on findings from these initial surveys, the NWMO may conclude studies in areas with lower potential to meet technical and community well-being requirements.

They will then work with communities in areas that continue in the process to plan more intensive field studies.

As studies are completed, the NWMO will publish the details here.

Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee

In light of the Township of Huron-Kinloss no longer in the site selection process, Huron-Kinloss Council as agreed to dissolve the Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee (NWCAC). We thank our Committee Members for their dedication to keeping the community informed on the Adaptive Phased Management Project. 

The Township will continue to keep our residents informed as future decisions unfold with this project.

Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee Agendas and Minutes