Municipal Projects

The Township of Huron-Kinloss oversees a wide range of projects every year. Council approves projects each year that meet the goals of our strategic plan. Our goals include; to be prosperous, spirited, vibrant, accessible and environmentally conscious.

Boiler Beach Road

Boiler Beach Road Traffic Study

The Township of Huron-Kinloss is working with BT Engineering Inc. to complete a traffic study on Boiler Beach Rd. This is the busiest road in the Township during the summer months, and we often hear complaints and concerns from residents and visitors about safety and parking. BT Engineering Inc. is considering all options to address these concerns including: the feasibility of a one-way road between Concession 10 and Huronville St., widening of the roadway, and other opportunities to better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

 The study will evaluate:

  • traffic volumes and circulation options (existing two-way roadway, one-way northbound, one-way southbound),
  • traffic operations and impacts to other roadways; and
  • existing constraints, issues, and opportunities for Boiler Beach Rd.

 The study aims to develop a preferred plan to address the needs of the Study Area and accommodate all modes of transportation (motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency vehicles). 

To stay up to date on the project progress please visit our community engagement website 

View our latest update from the Community Cafe held in August. 

If you have questions about this project please contact John Yungblut, Director of Public Works or Jane Eybergen, Administrative Assistant/Public Works at 519-395-3735.


Bruce Beach and Other Drainage Projects
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Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan
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Engagement Strategy Development

Ripley Southwest Street Reconstruction Project

The Township of Huron-Kinloss is preparing for a series of upcoming road reconstruction projects that are planned for the southwest area of Ripley, over the next several years. Our current plan is to complete these projects in multiple phases that include street upgrades to an urban design, which will include concrete curb and gutter, storm sewers and new sidewalks wherever possible.

The areas for these reconstruction projects include Tain Street, McGill Street, Gladstone Street and Park Street. The Township intends to host an in-person information session for Phases 2-5 that is tentatively scheduled for 2024. We will notify residents when the Open House date is made available.

Lucknow Water Tower

In 2022 our application to replace the Lucknow Standpipe was approved! Learn more about the funding announcement and visit this page often for updates! The project will be going out to tender in July 2022 and construction will begin in Spring of 2023. 

Lucknow Standpipe (Water Tower) timeline:

  • January 2010: Council started planning for a new water storage facility including an Environmental Assessment, which included extensive community consultation completed in 2012. The Initial cost estimate to replace the tower was $2,450,000.00.
  • February 2014: the Township submitted the first application with a total project cost of $2,949,790.00. Unfortunately, in November 2014 we received notification almost 350 applications were reviewed and our project was not selected to move forward.
  • September 2015: a year later we applied again, the estimated project cost had risen substantially, to $3,269,728.00. In January of 2016 we were notified that our project was not selected to move forward.
  • October 2016: we applied to the OCIF Top Up Fund once again, with an estimated total project cost of $3,271,300.00. In February 2017 we were notified that our project was not selected for funding.
  • September 2017: we submitted once again for the 2017 Intake of the OCIF Top Up Fund and the estimated project cost had increased to $3,489,100.00. Once again, in February 2018 we were notified that the project was not selected for funding.
  • August 2018: we tried again to move the project forward and applied to the 2018 Intake of the OCIF Top Up Fund and in March 2019 it was announced that there would be no funding for any projects. Some projects were nominated to proceed under the Rural and Northern Stream, however drinking water was not an eligible category under this funding, so our application would not even be considered. 
  • 2020: The Township applied for grant fund but was unsuccessful.
  • 2022: Our application was approved! 

Throughout the years, the Township has continued to prepare for the eventual replacement of the standpipe, investing in the necessary engineering and design work to bring the project to a “shovel ready” state. The Township has even purchased additional property to improve the access and location of the site, reducing construction and future maintenance costs and eliminating any potential negative impacts on neighbouring properties. By the end of 2019, almost $500,000.00 will have been invested in this project, without even breaking ground.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Parks, trails, open spaces, and recreation programs and amenities are critical to supporting the health and well-being of a community. As such, the Township has identified the preparation of a Parks & Recreation Master Plan as a key priority for the community. The purpose of a Parks & Recreation Master Plan is to plan for the parks and recreation needs of current and future residents by developing an understanding of what is working, where there might be gaps, and what the priorities are for the future. 

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was presented to Council on January 16th, 2023 and Council approved the plan! 

View the plan

Women in Carpentry

We've heard time and time again, the need to increase the number of skilled trade workers, especially in our area, and one of the ways to do this is to diversify the employee base that typically considers trades for their career. Women are an underrepresented group in the industry, representing only 3.4% of on-site employees in the trades. 

The Women in Carpentry program participants will be provided with math and communications courses offered through Fanshawe college, in the shop/on-tool training through the Local 2222 Carpenter’s Union and an 8-week paid work placement. The Skills Development Fund offers 100% funding for the program, partners are not required to commit a financial contribution, but in-kind contributions will be expected from all partners, this may include; space rental, training facilities, mentorship or peer support, etc.

The program launched in August of 2021 with a completion date of July 2022. The program will recruit and train 20 women in the carpentry trade, with the hope they will find lasting and meaningful employment as a carpenter. The first intake was very successful with 8 of 10 participants finding full-time employment beyond the Women in Carpentry program, 5 in the carpentry trade (the 3 other participants found meaningful employment and credit the program for providing fundamental skills and training required for any position). Participants from intake 2 are finishing up their work placements. 

Women in Carpentry 2.0 also received Skills Development Fund funding through the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government. Registration for 2.0 will begin in July! 

Registration Open


What else are we working on? 

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