Municipal Projects

The Township of Huron-Kinloss oversees a wide range of projects every year. Council approves projects each year that meet the goals of our strategic plan. Our goals include; to be prosperous, spirited, vibrant, accessible and environmentally conscious.

We want to thank our residents for their patience and cooperation while construction crews are hard at work.

Current Projects

Natural Gas Initiative

The natural gas initiative is a partnership of the Municipality of Kincardine, the Township of Huron Kinloss and the Township of Arran Elderslie . The municipalities have been investigating the feasibility of developing a natural gas supply to the constituents of the municipalities.

Kincardine, Arran-Elderslie and Huron-Kinloss have selected Edmonton-based EPCOR Utilities Inc. as the successful proponent to bring natural gas to their South Bruce communities. The selection of EPCOR follows a 6 month competitive Request for Information process which identified multiple potential developers to construct, own and operate a new natural gas distribution utility.

The Municipalities have approved and signed a Municipal Franchise Agreement which provides EPCOR Utilities Inc. with the right to distribute natural gas within the three Municipalities.

On July 12th, 2019, EPCOR announced they would begin construction on Southern Bruce Natural Gas project this year. 

Visit the EPCOR website for more information about this project, including construction dates for your area and how to sign up for natural gas. 

 Ripley Outdoor Plaza

 Project Introduction

In 2018 the Township prepared conceptual drawings for the gravel lot at the corner of Huron St. and Jessie St. to build an outdoor plaza. The drawing included 9 parking lots and a large plaza area with benches, trees, greenery and space for markets, events, etc. 

This project was a small piece of a much bigger economic development project to increase investment in Ripley, to create a Downtown that the residents enjoy, to recruit and retain businesses that residents and visitors can support, but most importantly to ensure our beautiful village can remain a vibrant, spirited community for decades to come.

Far too often, we hear stories of village downtowns dying because there are no businesses, youth leaving because there is nothing to do, and service clubs disappearing due to lack of volunteers; we don’t want the same fate for the communities in Huron-Kinloss. Economic Development is an important driving factor for thriving communities and includes many projects to achieve this; business recruitment and retention, development (commercial, industrial, residential), streetscape beautification, tourism and more! The Ripley Outdoor Plaza is one piece of the Township’s Economic Development puzzle. 

The conceptual drawing was circulated throughout the community, presented to the Ripley Fire Department, and added to Have Your Say HK as a community engagement project. 

When we presented the first plaza design to the community of Ripley, we heard there was an overwhelming need for more parking in the downtown core. In response to that feedback, two alternate designs were created by B.M. Ross.

 Plan A: Provides 35 standard size parking spaces and 2 accessible parking spaces.

 Plan B: Provides 25 standard size parking spaces and 2 accessible parking spaces with a modest size outdoor plaza.

The Township is once again requesting community feedback about the proposed project. 

How can you provide feedback?

 Participate in the online poll to let us know what design you prefer. You can find the poll on the Township’s Community Engagement Website; (registration required); or send your vote by email to, or by mail to PO Box 130, Ripley ON, N0G 2R0. 

The results of the poll and the feedback received will be presented to Council on May 4th, 2021. 

 Ripley Industrial Park

 In January 2020, the environmental assessment for the Ripley Industrial Park was completed and approved by the Ministry. Staff is now recommending proceeding with the development of the tender documents by BM Ross. In the Fall of 2020, BM Ross presented a number of design options to Council for the road construction, lot placement and services for the industrial park. At budget deliberations last year Council approved moving forward with Lot Layout Option. The project was on hold as we were in discussions with the adjacent property owner about the possibility of a residential development. In December 2020, the Township purchased the adjacent property.

Now that we own all the adjacent lands the street layout for the industrial park needs to be finalized. The layout plan was updated with the proposed Angus Street being located on the existing road allowance as opposed to being shifted to the west. The stormwater management pond would still be located as far west as possible to take advantage of the proximity to the existing outlet pipe. The Township was open to the proposed layout. We had a discussion with BM Ross & Associates, that the construction of the short street leg with the cul-de-sac could be deferred until a future construction phase to help reduce initial construction costs and provide a possible large lot for development in the south east corner of the industrial park. We have also identified that there may be a need to reserve some of the lands for municipal purposes in the long term.

This project was approved through the budgeting process and construction of the park will begin in 2021. 

 Corporate Communications Strategy


The Township of Huron-Kinloss is developing a corporate communications strategy to help us improve how we communicate with residents, property owners and visitors. For this strategy to be successful, it is important that we gain a better understanding of how our residents hear about Township programs, services and updates; and more importantly, the most effective communication methods for you.

In 2019, in partnership with the NWMO, a survey was mailed out to Huron-Kinloss residents asking these very questions, we've created a short survey to make sure the data we received from that survey is still relevant.

The survey has 11 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Survey responses are anonymous.

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey! We appreciate your time and your feedback.

The deadline to complete the survey is April 16th 2021 at 11:59PM

Completed Projects (2020-2021)

 Community Energy Plan

Staff and the stakeholder group have been working with ICLEI on the Township of Huron-Kinloss' Climate Change and Energy Plan

This project is now complete.

 Economic Development Action Plan

 The Economic Development Action Plan was adopted by Council in February 2020. The Economic Development Team has moved into the implementation phase of the project that will continue until 2023. 

 Shoreline Remediation

 Construction to protect the Point Clark Harbour wall and shoreline is now complete. Landscaping and other beautification projects for the area will be considered after the summer of 2021. 

 Parks and Recreation Service Delivery Review

 This review was completed by Dillon Consulting and the findings were presented to Council in February 2021. 

The Township will be applying for grant funding to implement some of the recommendations provided in the report.