Environmental Initiatives

The Township of Huron-Kinloss and its residents are very aware of how fragile the environment around us is.  The Pine River Watershed Initiatve Network, originally a committee of council but now on its own, actively supports and promotes good watershed management both by helping landowners get funding for environment projects and their labour. Our farming community is also greatly concerned with environmental issues and a high percentage of them have completed their Environmental Farm Plans.

In 2007 the township launched a septic inspection program to ensure the private sewer systems were being maintained properly and to educate owners / tenants on the proper use of these systems.  Each year approximately 300 properties are inspected and most of the systems with major issues are corrected quickly.  For more information regarding the septic inpsection program, please click here and you will link to the Septic Inspections section.

With the introduction of the Pesticides Act - O. Reg 63/09, the importance of proper fertilizer has become more important.  Follow this link to the Canadian Fertilizer Website and get the information you need to protect the environment while keeping your lawn healthly and green !

In August of 2011, a Tree Preservation By-Law was passed controlling the injuring or destructing of trees in an area of the Lakeshore defined as the "bluff". 
To see a copy of the by-law and view the maps of the areas affected, please check out the News section under Environmental Initiatives by clicking here.


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