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Boiler Beach

In the North of the Township you will find the remains of the Erie Belle, a Great Lakes Steamer that crashed on the rocks on November 21, 1883. The boiler of the Erie Belle juts out of the water just off of the shoreline. The area has for decades been known as Boiler Beach.

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Bruce Beach

The cottage industry had its start here in 1894 when Messrs. Kennedy and Jackson built the first cottage. Families from nearby Ripley built cottages in 1896 and christened the quiet, sandy beach with the name of Ripley Beach.

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Lurgan Beach

This sandy and peaceful shoreline gradually slopes into Lake Huron, with a pebbly shore and rocks dotting the water's edge. The best access point for this particular beach is at the west end of Conc 6.

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Point Clark Beach

The lighthouse stands guard over a tranquil sandy beach as well as the sometimes-turbulent waters of Lake Huron. A playground, washroom facilities and a small harbour make the Point Clark beach an attractive daytrip destination.

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