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The Ripley Cemetery is located in the Southwest Corner of Ripley. The existing five acre Cemetery is nearing capacity. The Township of Huron-Kinloss maintains all records, and is responsible for all maintenance and interment. The Mausoleum is presently used for winter storage only. The Township of Huron-Kinloss owns the five acre parcel of land south of the existing cemetery and intends to start development now to ensure that grass, roads, trees, and water services are all in place in the next ten years to ensure that a attractive Cemetery for the surrounding community to be proud of.

BURIAL CHOICES Ripley Cemetery offers choices for both casket interments and cremated remains.

CASKET: plots available for casket burials include single graves, double graves (side by side), or plots up to five for extended family future planning.

CREMATION: choices for the burial of cremated remains include in-ground cremation graves, up to five cremations per grave without a casket.

CHOOSING AN APPROPRIATE GRAVESITE The choice of a gravesite is a very personal decision. However, consideration for friends and family who will wish to visit may also influence individual choices. When a choice is being made, accessibility and appearance are key factors to consider. Ripley Cemetery's Perpetual Care Fund ensures long-term maintenance is carried out according to high quality standards.

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Address: Located at the end of Park St in Ripley., Ripley, ON, N0G 2R0

Ripley Cemetery