The Former Township of Kinloss

Plan a Sunday drive down the back roads and around the beautiful rolling hills of Kinloss. Recently, Kinloss has become home to hundreds of Mennonite families.You will notice many small family farms, windmills by the farmhouses, farm businesses, and you will likely meet a few horse-drawn buggies on your travels. Stop by the farm gates to pick-up fresh produce, flowers, and other treasures.  

Kinloss History 

Joel Eli Stauffer was one of the first settlers in Kinloss in 1850 that settled on the "Free Grants". Stauffer is acknowledged as the first man to ever cross the Township of Kinloss.

Perhaps the most enduring legacy in the former Township of Kinloss is the Kinloss S.S. #5 school building on the southeast corner of County Road 1 and the 5th Concession. Built in 1876, it replaced a log school located 1-1/4 mile east on Concession 5/6.

Typical for its time, one room accommodated all classes with wooden benches for the students to sit on. An outhouse provided the restroom facilities while a woodstove in the centre of the room provided heat during the winter. A bell in a tower atop the school beckoned students to school. Dr. O. Lockhart purchased the bell in 1968, which he later donated to the Bruce County Museum & Archives in Southampton, Ontario.

Adults sometimes attended the school, too, during the winter months. As spring approached, however, boys and men made rare appearances in the classroom as working the farm took precedence.

During the 1880s, teachers at the school were paid the grand salary of $225 to $350 per year.

Improvements were made to the school as attendance grew. School desks replaced the benches and, in 1902, a porch was constructed. A well was dug for drinking water. Indoor plumbing and electricity were installed in 1946.

By 1960, decreasing attendance forced the closure of the school and students were transferred to either the new Holyrood Public School or to the Lucknow Public School.

Starting in December 1960, the Kinloss-Kairshea Women's Institute used the school building for their meetings and suppers. It also was the site of weddings, showers and other family and social gatherings for the community. Formed in 1947, the Women's Institute celebrated several anniversaries in the schoolhouse-its 25th, 40th and 45th. By 1995, the membership had shrunk and winter meetings were no longer held in the school building but in members' homes instead.

On September 29, 1995, the former Kinloss S.S. #5 School building became private property when a local farm owner purchased the property.

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