Land Access Process

The Land Access Process is one of the next steps in NWMO's site investigation work in the Township of Huron-Kinloss and the Municipality of South Bruce. Part of this process includes activities like borehole drilling and environmental monitoring. This does not mean Huron-Kinloss or South Bruce have been chosen as the community to host the Deep Geological Repository.

The NWMO is looking to access approximately 1,500 acres (600 hectares) belonging to one or multiple landowner(s) and are inviting landowners to express their interest in potentially entering into an option agreement. These agreements will give the NWMO the ability to study the land and subsurface, and if it is selected as a preferred repository site, to purchase it in the future. The NWMO will only need to access small areas to conduct studies, which will allow people to continue to live and work on their land after signing the option agreement.

Optioning the land will provide two important assurances: the knowledge NWMO needs to acquire sufficient land for the repository in the future and the ability to continue site investigation work.

Similar work is underway in other siting areas as well, although the process for accessing land in Northern Ontario is slightly different as their potential repository sites are located on Crown land.

For more information on the Land Access Process, please contact the NWMO Learn More Centre in Ripley at 519-395-4984 or 519-386-6711 or stop by the office located at 46 Queen St., Ripley. 

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