Municipal Drains

Municipal Drains

The Drainage Act, R.S.O. 1990 provides the legislative vehicle for the construction and management of many of the communal drainage systems in rural Ontario.

The municipality is responsible for the management of the drainage systems located within their municipal boundaries. These drainage systems, often known as “municipal drains”, are vital to the communities, roads and surrounding lands in rural Ontario. They reduce flooding, improve safety and reduce property damage. They are as important to rural Ontario as storm sewers are to urban areas.

Municipal drains provide a legal outlet for surface and sub-surface waters. In return, the landowners within the defined watershed pay for the ongoing maintenance of the drain.

Municipal drains are more common in the agricultural areas of the Township, however there are municipal drains in the urban area along the lakeshore and in the Village of Lucknow that will from time to time be assessed for drainage repair and maintenance. The amount assessed for drainage maintenance will be in direct proportion to the lands owned within the watershed in accordance with the assessment schedule for the drain.

For further details on municipal drains please see the information sheet "So, What's a Municipal Drain" or call Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent at 519-395-5131.

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