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Huron-Kinloss Open Air Fire Ban

Ripley-Huron Fire Department has declared an open air fire ban

RIPLEY, ON – The Township of Huron-Kinloss, Ripley-Huron Fire Department has declared an open air fire ban due to lack of rainfall and forecasted hot dry conditions.

This ban applies to all Open Air Burns and Beach Fires. All Fire Permits are suspended until further notice.

Residents are allowed to have recreational fires in outdoor fireplaces, chimineas, and camp fires on their own property within an approved fire pit.

The Township of Huron-Kinloss Open Air Burning bylaw has set fines for those found to be in violation of the ban.

This Fire Ban is in effect until further notice.

Recreational fires must be small and contained. Regulations require that recreational fires be smaller than one metre in diameter.

Never leave your fire unattended and always have means of extinguishment available to put the fire out.

If you discover a fire, it is very important that you report fires immediately by calling 911.

Residents are encouraged to use the following tips to prevent grass and brush fires:

  • Clear all combustible materials such as tree limbs, leaves and other dry materials away from buildings and propane tanks.
  • Keep barbecue propane tanks at least three metres from buildings.
  • Wood piles should be stored a safe distance from your home.
  • Trees should be pruned to create a good vertical separation from the ground.
  • Clear out any accumulated dry or dead debris from your property.
  • Cigarettes: Carelessly discarded cigarettes continue to be a major cause of grass fires during these dry periods. Smokers are reminded to please use care when butting out. Do not throw lit cigarettes out vehicle windows.
  • Take care when refueling equipment, and avoid idling hot engines over or near dry vegetation.


If you have any questions regarding the open air fire ban please contact the Township Office.


Christopher J. Cleave


Ripley-Huron Fire Department


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