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Winter Road Maintenance FAQ

Common questions about winter road maintenance answered

Q: Why was my street not plowed this morning?

A: Snow plow operators begin snow clearing on Huron-Kinloss roadways between 4am and
5am to ensure they can clean all Huron-Kinloss roads before 9am. Depending on the weather
conditions, snow can build up on the roads again after the snow plows have already cleared your road. If required, depending on conditions, the snow plows may go back out and clear roads for a second or even a third time in some cases.

Q: Why is the sidewalk not plowed on my street?

A: Unfortunately, some sidewalks in the Township are not wide enough for the sidewalk plow to clear. We intend to replace most of these sidewalks.

Q: Why did I get a notice on my windshield?

A: If you park on a Township roadway between the hours of 1am and 6am, park on a sidewalk, or if you clear snow onto a Township road, you may receive a notice from Township staff. These actions impede the Township’s ability to remove snow from the roads and sidewalks.

Q: Why is my street so icy?

A: A salt and sand mixture is applied to all roads and sidewalks in the Township. In order for this mixture to melt the ice, water needs to be present to create a “brine.” On busy streets, vehicles assist to produce the water by melting some of the ice; on quiet streets, with fewer vehicles, it takes much longer for the ice to melt. In order to reduce the harmful effects of the salt/sand mixture on lawns, vegetation and water sources, the mixture is only applied to the centre of our roadways. As vehicles travel on the roads, the mixture is spread across the lanes of traffic.

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