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NEW - OPP Citizen Self-Reporting System

This new system allows individuals to report an incident to the police using their computer or mobile phone.

The Citizen Self Reporting System is an easy way for an indiviual to report an incident to the Ontario Provicial Police using a computer or a mobile device. All emergencies should still go through 911. An individual must have a valid e-mail address to report an incident.  The system works on a step-by-step process.

Step 1: Make sure your occurance can be reported online.  Valid for:  
    Lost missing property under $5000
    Stolen License plates or validation stickers
    Theft from a vehicle under $5000
    Mischief/damage to a vehicle under $5000
    Mischief/damage to property (other than a vehicle) under $5000
    Theft under $5000
    Driving Complaint

Step 2: Find the location on the map provided where the occurance took place.

Step 3: Select the occurance type from a list of incidents types.  There is a list of the incidents with the definitions and examples to choose from.

Step 4:This step have several parts which include: Your Information, Incident Information, Other Persons Information, Narrative of the Incident, Review Information and Submit Information.
After the report is submitted an officer with review the report and proceed as they see fit. 

If an individual wants to talk to an Officer they can still call or visit the local OPP dispatch.

For more information, please visit the Citizen Self-Reporting website 


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