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Comprehensive review of Zoning By-Law

The Township of Huron-Kinloss has begun the process of completing a comprehensive review of its Zoning By-law with the expertise of MHBC Planning.

The Zoning By-law is a legal document that specifies how land can be used through regulations (property setbacks, building heights etc.) and permissions (residential, commercial, agricultural, etc). The Township's current bylaw is 16 years old and requires an update as a result of the recent approval of the Township's new Official Plan in 2016.  The comprehensive review will also ensure the Zoning By-law reflects current practices, changes to provincial policy, and supports the strategic directions of the Township.

A draft of the proposed Zoning By-law was released on August 14th, 2017 and is available at the municipal office.  We encourage residents to review the draft document and provide input or seek information on their own particular property. Public comments are encouraged prior to October 3rd, 2017 and can be submitted to Pierre Chauvin at or Sonya Watson, Clerk at or can be dropped off or mailed to the Municipal Office.

A second Open House will be scheduled for early December. It is now anticipated that the final draft of the Zoning By-law will not be before Council until early in 2018.

Investment in Education and Skills

Support for Workplace Training

Opportunity to Tour the OPG Western Waste Management Facility

The Township of Huron-Kinloss is continuing in the process of learning more about Canada’s plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel and is currently in Step 3, Phase 2 of the 9 Step process. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization who is assuming responsibility for this project is reaching out to the community and would like to give you the opportunity to visit the OPG Western Waste Management Facility (WWMF) that currently stores some of Canada’s used nuclear fuel.

The tour would meet at approximately 8:00 a.m. and then travel to OPG’s  Western Waste Management Facility located in Tiverton. Following the tour the group would meet offsite for lunch and an Adaptive Phased Management briefing. The tour and briefing would conclude mid-afternoon. Further details will be provided closer to the date.

The tour date currently available is November 2, 2017. 

All individuals must successfully complete a security check prior to the tour.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kelly at or at  519-395-3735 before October 6th, 2017.

Alternative tour dates can be arranged.

By-Laws for Dog Owners

It is fall and with the beautiful scenery many will go out for walks with their K-9 companions.  While taking in the fall splendor please remember to pick up after your dog(s).  

There is no excuse for not cleaning up after your dog. Persons found failing to remove dog waste will be fined $100.00 as per By-Law 2010-10. It is easiest if when you are walking your dog you carry disposable dog waste bags that attach onto your leash. There are also disposable bags provided by the Township in various locations.  

Your dog must be under your control at all times and should not be allowed to run up to fellow walkers.  If a dog is not under control of its owner it is considered to be “running at large” and there is a fine of $100.00 for that offence as per By-Law 2010-10.

If you are a dog owner, please keep your dog under your control and clean up the waste that your dog may produce while walking.  This will help the environment and keep Huron-Kinloss a beautiful place to live and play.

Fire Prevention Week

Ripley-Huron Fire Department Open House October 10th

Lakeshore Drinking Water System

Naturally Occurring Fluoride in Water Systems

The Lakeshore, Lucknow and Ripley Water Systems have elevated, naturally occurring fluoride which can have an effect on your dental health. Please review the attached fact sheet for a better understanding.

Lakeshore Drinking Water System:

Blairs Grove - 2.20 mg/L

Huronville S - 2.24 mg/L

Murdoch Glen - 2.14 mg/L

Point Clark - 2.20 mg/L

Lucknow Drinking Water System:

Lucknow #4 - 1.75 mg/L

Lucknow #5 - 1.78 mg/L

Ripley Drinking Water System

Wells #1 & 2 combined - 2.10 mg/L

Fluoride in Water Systems Fact Sheet

Emergency Management

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Flash, the Emergency Management mascot, attended the Lucknow Fall Fair on September 15th & 16th and will be at the Ripley Huron Fall Fair September 29th & 30th.

Flash wants everyone to “Be Prepared, Not Scared”.

Build or replenish a 72-hour survival kit to keep you, and your loved ones, prepared to take care of yourselves for two to three days during an emergency.

Fall 2017 Municipal Project

Lakeshore Hydrant Flushing

As required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, fall hydrant flushing shall begin in the Lakeshore Area Water System starting Monday October 2nd, and it is expected to take four to five weeks to complete. You may experience periods of low water pressure or some discoloured water. It is recommended that you flush your internal lines after the hydrants in your area have been flushed.

For more information, please contact Veolia Water Canada at 519-524-6583.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Ripley Elevated Water Storage Tank

A tender has been awarded to Landmark Structures Co. for the construction of an elevated water storage tank in the village of Ripley. The work is proposed to begin this fall and finish by the end of 2018. The structure will be north of the ball diamond adjacent to the former railway tracks.

Lurgan Beach Project

A tender has been awarded to Bill & Tom Kempton Construction Ltd. for the upgrade of water mains and road reconstruction in the Lurgan Beach area (Bell Dr, Cathcart St, Moore Dr, North St, Smith Lane and Trillium Rd). Construction is expected to start late September/early October.

Please expect delays when traveling in this area. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you want to make a change in your Community?

The Township is looking for volunteers to sit on community specific committees to assist with the development of an action-plan for community projects. 
Bruce County's Spruce the Bruce program provides funding for destination infrastructure projects, streetscape, community signage, marketing initiatives and more for communities located throughout the County. 
The past revitalization committees have accomplished so much for their respective communities and we want to keep the momentum going. 
We are looking for community champions that want to make a difference in Lucknow or Ripley (their respective community). We will be hosting a brainstorming session in Lucknow for the Lucknow Revitalization projects and a brainstorming session in Ripley for the Ripley Revitalization projects in October 2017. Date, time and place to be determined based on interest from each community. 
If you are interested in attending the session or would like to learn more about the committees please contact Michelle at 519-395-3735 or 

Township of Huron-Kinloss Community Events

October Community Events

Lucknow Legion Seniors Dinner - October 4

Lucknow Legion Wing Night - October 7

Ripley Legion Wing Night - October 14

Lucknow Legion Breakfast - October 15

Ripley & District Junior Horticultural Club " For Our Youth" - October 21

Huron Shores Friendship Club Craft & Bake Sale - October 28

Ripley St. Andrews United Church  Bazaar - October 28

Lucknow Legion Halloween Wing Night - October 28


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