Performance Measures

In 2000, the Township of Huron-Kinloss began participating in a new program of performance measurement – the first comprehensive program of its kind in North America. Specifically, municipalities were required to provide the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing with performance measurement information annually, and then report performance results to the taxpayers. The purpose of performance measurement is to:

. Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal services
. Strengthen accountability to taxpayers
. Monitor ongoing performance and evaluate past performance
. Produce information municipalities can use to make decisions regarding local services
. Provide information municipalities can use to plan for the future
. Encourage municipalities to share best practices

Effective for the 2014 reporting year, changes were made to reduce the reporting burden of municipalities.  First the collection of MPMP measures (formerly Schedules 90 to 95 of the FIR) are no longer required and have been replaced by Schedule 80D.  Secondly, municipalities are not required to report their performance measures to the public, as data reported in the FIR is posted on the FIR website.

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