Police and Ambulance Service

Police Service in Huron-Kinloss

All areas in The Township of Huron-Kinloss are serviced by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Community Policing Offices are located at 18 Tain Street, Ripley and at 482 Ross Street in Lucknow.  Officers of the O.P.P. can schedule a meeting with residents without them having to travel out of the township.

Citizen Self Reporting  (an alternate means of reporting non-emergency incidents the police)

The Citizen Self Reporting System is an easy way for an indiviual to report an incident to the Ontario Provicial Police using a computer or a mobile device. All emergencies should still go through 911. An individual must have a valid e-mail address to report an incident.  The system works on a step-by-step process.

911 Hearing & Speech Impaired Service

The CRTC ruled that all wireless carriers in Canada had to build infrastructure for the provision of T911 services. In order to access the service, people who are hearing or speech impaired need to register their cell phone with their wireless carrier. 

Ambulance Service in Huron-Kinloss

Bruce County Emergency Medical Services provides emergency services to the entire County.  Please visit the Bruce County site for current information about this service.  Also, please ensure your civic address is visible from the road in order to assist EMS in the event you require their services.

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