Public Works

The Public Works Department manages the road system by following the Minimum Maintenance Standards as established under the Highway Traffic Act.  Responsibilities include: bridges, grass cutting, shoulder maintenance, ditching, gravel resurfacing, dust control, catch basins & culverts, streetlights, sidewalks, regulatory and street signage, civic addressing, littering, street sweeping, snow removal, sanding, hard top surface patching and tree planting and trimming.

The Department also manages four water systems, two wastewater facilities, two solid waste landfill sites, and one gravel pit as per Ministry of Environment regulations.

In an emergency situation, a Department representative may be reached by calling the after hours answering service at 1-866-299-5199 (long distance).

Locate Requests 

For locates requests, please call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit the website at  Locates will be handled within five business days of receipt.

Contact Us

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