Did you know? The Township has approximately 381 km of roadway:  203 gravel, 103 tar & chip and 75 asphalt surface. There are 98 bridges/structures as part of the road network.

Snow Removal

Plowing, sanding and salting shall take a predetermined route. 

Overnight parking is not allowed on Township roads or boulevards from November 1st to April 30th. 

Bruce County Parking & Snow Clearing Notice

The Public Works Department does not engage in snow removal operations between 6PM and 5AM unless under emergency situations. 

Mailboxes sould be erected as per Canada Post requirements. The Township of Huron-Kinloss accepts no responsibility for improperly erected mail boxes. Mailbox users are required to repair mailboxes damaged by snow impact. 

Mailbox Policy

Seasonal Road Procedures

1/2 Load Limits are in effect from March 1st - May 1st, annually

Dust Control procedures occur on gravel roads each spring. 

Road cuts are prohibited for installation of private works on all surface treated and hard topped municipal roads. 

Dry Culvert Policy

Road Construction

During construction of any road, water or storm sewer repair/replacement project, if it is deemed necessary to remove a section or all of a homeowners' driveway entrance located on Township road allowance, the driveway entrance restoration policy shall be followed. The Township shall not assist with the construction or grading of private entrances or laneways. 

The Public Works Department shall consider protection of the public, maintenance of the traffic carrying capacity, protection of the investment, minimizing Township expenditures on maintenance and providing legal access when reviewing all applications for new entrances or alterations to existing entrances.  

Entrance Ways Policy


The Township appreciates your assistance in reporting streetlights that are malfunctioning or in need of repair. 

The Township maintains all regulatory and street name signage. We appreciate your assistance in reporting damaged or missing signs. 

Civic addressing links a property number with the road that it accesses and the name of the municipality in which it is situated for emergency purposes. In order to maintain the County of Bruce 9-1-1 system, please ensure your civic address is clearly displayed. Rural properties with the Township are provided with a green 9-1-1 sign. If you require a sign due to damage, loss or new construction, please contact the Public Works Department. 

Contact Information

Public Works Sheds:
Huron Works Shed, 12 Blake St, Ripley, 519-395-2673
Kinloss Works Shed, 2365 Bruce Rd 6, Holyrood, 519-395-3353
Lucknow Works Shed, 518 Hamilton St, Lucknow, 519-528-2727

In an emergency, the Public Works Department may be reached through the after hours answering service:

Long Distance:  1-866-299-5199





John Yungblut

Director Public Works

Tracey Howe

Administrative Assistant Public Works
519-395-3735 x133