Strategic Plan

Our Future Huron-Kinloss

Our Vision

Huron-Kinloss celebrates a unique mix of welcoming communities and natural beauty.

Our Mission

Support the communities of today to inspire the generations of tomorrow.

 About the Project

 The Township of Huron-Kinloss  engaged it's residents in a discussion about their future. The results of these conversations fed into the development of a Sustainability and Strategic Plan, known as Our Future Huron-Kinloss which is a long term plan that will guide decision-making in the Township until 2024. The Sustainability and Strategic Plan sets a vision and mission statement for the Township, and established long-term goals and tangible strategies and actions.

 How the plan was developed?

Our Future Huron-Kinloss was developed over six stages:

Phase 1 Jan-Feb 2013: Structure the Process

Phase 2 Mar-May 2013: Understand Current Conditions

Phase 3 Mar-June 2013: Develop Vision, Mission, Goals and Direction

Phase 4 July-Aug 2013: Identify and Prioritize Actions

Phase 5 Aug-Sept 2013: Develop Implementation & Monitoring Framework

Phase 6 Sept-Oct 2013: Draft and Final Plan

Who developed the plan?

Working Groups: Four Working Groups (Environment, Economic, Social and Cultural) that consisted of community representatives,held meetings at different stages of developing the plan.

Community groups and organizations: Meetings and presentations with local community groups and organizations through out the planning process.

General public: Feedback was collected through comment cards and an online survey, as well as a Community Forum.

Township staff and Councillors: Meetings with theTownship Steeting Committee, interviews and working sessions.

Township of Huron-Kinloss Strategic Plan

Township of Huron-Kinloss Strategic Plan Update October 2019