2018 Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Management Symposium

In 2018, the Township of Huron-Kinloss, the Huron-Kinloss Community Advisory Committee and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization held a Symposium, focusing on Canada's plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel. 

The successful Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Management Symposium welcomed 80 local residents who learned more about Canada's plan and how the NWMO is developing a Deep Geological Repository to safely store Canada's used nuclear fuel. 

Below are the presentations heard at the 2018 Symposium. 

NWMO's response to Nuclear Waste Management Symposium Questions

Overview of the NWMO's Site Selection Process

What is Used Nuclear Fuel?

How will the DGR Safely Contain Used Nuclear Fuel?

Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel

How will People and the Environment be Protected Now and in the Future?

Engaging the Community

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