Tree Preservation

In August of 2011, a Tree Preservation By-Law was passed controlling the injuring or destruction of trees in an area of the Lakeshore defined as the "bluff." The purpose of the By-Law is to:

  • Protect vegetation in the Lakeshore Urban Area along the bluff for the purpose of habitat protection, water quality, aesthetics, and a buffer zone;
  • Retention of tree cover in the lakeshore area;
  • Minimizing the destruction or injuring of trees;
  • Regulating and controlling th removal, maintenance and protection of trees;
  • Protecting, promoting and enhancing the aesthetic values of land;
  • Sustaining a healthy natural environment;
  • Prevent soil erosion and water run-off;
  • Protecting significant and sensitive natural areas to ensure maximum environmental benefits of trees in both urban and rural settings; 
  • Contributing to human health and quality of life through the maintenance of tree cover and woodlots;
  • Protecting woodlots that are less than 1 hectare in size and not under the jurisdiction of the County of Bruce Forest Conservation By-Law. 

As stipulated in the by-law, the land affected by this is defined as the "bluff":"Bluff" is the sloped area that comprised the old Algonquin shoreline and runs parallel to the Lake Huron shoreline between the North and South boundaries of the Township of Huron-Kinloss and shall inlcude the area defined as the toe of the bluff to 3 metres beyond the top of the bluff. 

To see if your property falls in this area, please check the map. 



Matt McClinchey

Parks & Facility Supervisor