Tree Removal

Tree Replacement Policy

As per the Township's Tree Replacement Policy, the Public Works Department shall replace any tree that has been removed, provided that such replacement in the opinion of the Director of Public Works does not interfere with any public utility appurtenances, such as overhead/underground utility lines, and/or poles, traffic control devices, or intersection sight lines, not impede the growth of abutting trees already established. 

Tree Replacement Policy

Tree Removal Policy

Prior to removal of trees deemed to be on Township property, please complete and submit a Municipal Tree Cutting form.

Tree Preservation By-Law (Saugeen Bluff) 

In 2011, Council approved a Tree Preservation By-Law to protect vegetation in the Lakeshore Urban Area along the bluff for the purpose of habitat protection, water quality, aesthetics and a buffer zone. 

If a homeowner would like to remove a tree located on the bluff; whether it is on Township property or not, a permit is required. The permit must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of tree removal. The tree(s) in question will be inspected by a Township officer and the permit will be approved, not approved, or approved with conditions. Every permit will be given an expiry date, but a renewal is possible by sending a written request to the Director of Community Services at 

Tree Permit Application

Tree Preservation By-Law




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