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Huron-Kinloss Draft Trailer By-Law Consultation Report

The Township of Huron-Kinloss would like to thank everyone who provided input on the Draft Trailer By-Law through our engagement website, Have Your Say HK. In alignment with our Communications Strategy vision, this project provided an opportunity for the community, Council and staff to feel well informed and engaged.

The Trailer By-Law Consultation Project saw unprecedented engagement on Have Your Say HK: 
  • 3,300 total site visits
  • 1,300 total informed visitors
  • 425 total engaged visitors (responded to the survey)
Survey responses:
  • 243 of 425 respondents were aware of the current trailer regulations, 182 were not. 
  • 68 respondents were in favour of a stand-alone trailer by-law, 357 were not. 
  • Respondents were generally supportive of measures to restrict parking of derelict or unsightly trailers and to control nuisance or long-term habitation of trailers.


At the September 7th Council meeting, Matt Farrell, Building and Planning Manager, presented a staff report that included the results of the Trailer By-Law Consultation. Council approved staff’s recommendation not to continue with a stand-alone trailer by-law at this time. The full consultation report from Have Your Say including all comments can also be found on the agenda.

What happens next?

Council agreed to defer any further conversations and decisions about trailer regulations until we review our Official Plan documents. Many comments were received about short term stays, driveway parking, and other current regulations in the zoning by-law. Staff will explore altering these regulations with a more extensive public consultation plan during the regular update of our planning documents.

If you have questions about our current trailer regulations please contact Heather Falconer, By-Law Enforcement Officer, at 519-395-3735. 

We appreciate the public taking the time to provide feedback to our project. Community engagement not only strengthens Council's relationship with residents; it also ensures better, more educated decisions are being made, with the community needs at the forefront of every decision. If you have recommendations for how you would like to be engaged, please contact our Communications Coordinator Kristen Prentice.

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