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Mission and Vision


Huron-Kinloss celebrates a unique mix of welcoming communities and natural beauty.


Support the communities of today to inspire the generations of tomorrow.

Our Goals

Our community strives to be…

We are a prosperous community that continues to grow in a sustainable manner.

  • By retaining and expanding our existing businesses and attracting new ones
  • By diversifying our economy
  • By growing a diversity of tourism opportunities
  • By strengthening our agricultural and agri-business sector
  • By investing in infrastructure

We are a vibrant community that values our uniqueness and creativity.

  • By creating places where people want to be
  • By celebrating what makes us unique
  • By preserving and protecting our history and heritage
  • By supporting and growing the arts and creativity

We are spirited community that takes pride in calling Huron-Kinloss home and welcoming others.

  • By supporting a diversity of lifestyles
  • By maintaining a sense of connection and cohesion with each other
  • By engaging in our community
  • By retaining our youth

We are an accessible community that offers support to everyone.

  • By ensuring people have a place to live
  • By having amenities and services nearby
  • By being age friendly
  • By enhancing our mobility
  • By being accessible for those with disabilities
  • By being open and transparent

We are an environmentally conscious community that are good stewards of our natural environment.

  • By protecting our natural assets
  • By using our resources wisely
  • By being aware and taking responsibility

Our Future Huron-Kinloss

Our Future Huron-Kinloss is a long-term strategic plan for the Huron-Kinloss community that is rooted in the principles of sustainability. It is a roadmap to guide decision-making for the Township over the next 10 years. The Plan establishes a community Vision, long-term Goals and Directions based on guidance from the Huron-Kinloss community provided through an extensive community engagement process. It also includes tangible Actions to achieve our Goals and Vision.

The Strategic Plan Action Plan was updated in 2019. The action plan highlights key projects that can be accomplished to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan. The Action plan was adopted by Council and will guide the Township from 2019-2023.

Annually, a report is provided to Council summarizing our accomplishments to date. In December of 2020, Council was provided with an update on our Strategic Plan Action Plan and the Economic Development Action Plan.

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