Beaches and Marinas

Huron-Kinloss' beautiful sandy beaches stretch along Lake Huron's shoreline from Amberley to the south-end of Kincardine. The Huron-Kinloss shoreline is divided into four areas: Point Clark Beach, Lurgan Beach, Bruce Beach and Boiler Beach.

The Community Services Department maintains the beach accesses, portable toilets, public washrooms, and information kiosks located at our beaches.

The Township takes great pride in protecting our shoreline. To ensure our shoreline is well cared for, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach without a permit. You will also need a permit to have a fire on the beach. Sand dune destruction is not permitted for any reason. Sand dunes keep our sandy beaches, well, sandy! The Shoreline Management Best Practices Guide is a great resource to learn about all the ways we can protect our beaches. 

 Point Clark Beach

 Picture of a child swimming at Point Clark Beach.

Point Clark Beach is our main beach, which features:

  • a large parking lot
  • park
  • public washrooms (includes a family/gender neutral change room area and foot rinse)
  • boat launch
  • beach volleyball court (bring your own ball)
  • our beloved National Historic Site, the Point Clark Lighthouse

It is located at the end of Lighthouse Road in Point Clark. Bring your boat, kayak, sand toys and beach umbrella and enjoy a great day on the beautiful beach in Point Clark!

 Lurgan Beach

Lurgan Beach is located just north of Point Clark. The best access point for this particular beach is at the west end of Concession 6.

 Bruce Beach

Bruce Beach is located north of Point Clark and Lurgan Beaches. The best access points for Bruce Beach are at the west end of Concession 6, Concession 8 and Concession 10.

Picture of a boy playing frisbee with Dad on the beach.

 Boiler Beach

A beautiful sandy beach located just South of Kincardine; enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Also popular for the Erie Belle boiler, the remains of the Great Lakes Steamer the “Erie Belle” that sank just off the shore of the beach in 1883.

You can access this beach along Boiler Beach Road where it intersects with Concession 12 and Huronville Street.

The Township of Huron-Kinloss Community Services Department and the Friends of Boiler Beach are working to restore a degraded beach-dune ecosystem and complete the maintenance required to preserve a newly restored shoreline through the Boiler Beach Restoration Project.

The 2023 Tree and Shrub Shoreline Restoration project will be held on April 22, 2023 (rain date April 29!) We are hoping for 15-25 volunteers starting across from 130 Boiler Beach Road. We have three small sections to plant and is outlined below. Be prepared to drive from site to site. Please bring shovels, and gloves, and dress warm. All other materials will be supplied. Thanks in advance and hope you can help. If you would like to support in another way… let us know and we can offer some suggestions!

 Planting Date - April 22, 2023. 

9am to 11am - Site # 1 Twenty-Five volunteers would be great

Across from # 130, 125, 122, 120, Boiler Beach Rd. (120 Junipers, 5 Red Oak and 30 Norway spruce) and 120 meters north of 117 Boiler Beach Rd (black snow fence) (10 Junipers,)

11am to 11:15am - Site # 2 Five volunteers

Across from 56 Boiler Beach Road (10 junipers)

11:15am to 11:30am - Site # 3 Five Volunteers

Across form 30 Boiler beach road (10 Junipers)

If you would like to volunteer to help with the planting, please Register Here.


Enjoying a sunset in the Township of Huron-Kinloss can be even more spectacular from the waters of Lake Huron! Launch your watercraft at one of our marinas and see for yourself! There are two marinas in Huron-Kinloss. One is operated by the Point Clark Boat Club and the other by the Pine River Boat Club.

 Point Clark Marina

The Point Clark Boat Club celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021! Boat launch rental keys are available at the Amberley General Store for daily use. You may also purchase a membership to enjoy the boat launch at your leisure throughout the season! Click here for 2021 rates and contact information.

Photo Gallery: Point Clark Marina will appear here on the public site.
 Pine River Boat Club

The Pine River Boat Club is a private boat club and offers annual memberships. Please visit their website for more information:

A picture of the Pine River Marina