Things to See and Do

Visit our downtown areas of Lucknow and Ripley on your way to the beach, take the kids go-karting at Family Family and take a stroll through the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens. If you still have time, tour the Point Clark Lighthouse house in Point Clark. Be sure to grab tickets for Lucknow's Music in the Fields festival that takes place in August. Huron-Kinloss is not just a stop, it's a destination!

Please remember to check in before you head to any business or location to see what kind of COVID-19 precautions they're taking, if the event is cancelled, or if the location you're planning to visit is open.

Beaches, Parks and Trails

Huron-Kinloss beaches stretch along Lake Huron's shoreline and include historic Boiler

A picture of a boy playing with a truck on the shoreline.

 Beach and the Point Clark Beach located beside the landmark Point Clark Lighthouse.

Get outside and explore the many parks, playgrounds and trails in Huron-Kinloss. Our beautiful parks meet a wide range of recreational needs and promote healthy and active living for people of all ages. Start your outdoor adventure today!

Boat Launches and Marinas

The Point Clark Boat Club is celebrating its' 60th anniversary in 2021! Boat launch rentalA picture of the Pine River Marina keys are available at the Amberley General Store for daily use. You may also purchase a membership to enjoy the boat launch at your leisure throughout the season! Click here for 2021 rates and contact information.

The Pine River Boat Club offers annual memberships. Please visit their website for more information:

Bruce Botanical Food Gardens

The Bruce Botanical Food Gardens displays a diverse collection of sustainable, organic food plants of the rare, endangered and heirloom varieties. This not-for-profit organization started in 2012 and is run by volunteers who help with everything from planting to harvesting to offering their expertise to building projects.A picture of the entrance of the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens.

As a public learning centre and food-based tourist attraction, the BBFG offers a variety of educational programming and events for all ages based on issues surrounding food security and sustainable food production. The unique varieties of food harvested from the garden provide people with fresh, healthy, organic food options.

Come enjoy our rustic surroundings, reconnect with food and its sometimes crazy history. Some of our plants date back to 4000BC!

Historical Walking Tour

The Ripley and Lucknow Historical Walking Tours invite you to learn more about what our communities were like in the late 1800's and early 1900's. There are many ways to participate in the walking tours: pick up a brochure at the Municipal Office in Ripley then sign out a headset or download the audio files below, or visit the maps (links below) and explore the tours at your own pace (wi-fi or data required). 

Electronic Lucknow Historical Walking Tour Map

 Sommerville Walk

 The Sommerville Walk explores what Downtown Lucknow looked like in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Explore where the hospital was located, the old fruit market and when the original arena was built. 

Sommerville Walk Audio

 Audio Files By Property Address
  1. 662 Campbell St.
  2. 659 Campbell St.
  3. 651 Wheeler St.
  4. 543 Gough St.
  5. 708 Havelock St.
  6. 782 Havelock St.
  7. 592 Outram St.
  8. 533 Hamilton St. Lawn Bowling
  9. 533 Hamilton St. Tennis Courts
  10. 578 Havelock St.
  11. 511 Havelock St.
  12. 505 Havelock St.
  13. 573 Campbell St.
  14. 579 Campbell St.
  15. 589 Campbell St.
  16. 597 Campbell St.
  17. 605-615 Campbell St.
  18. 623-625 Campbell St.
 Treleaven Walk

 The Treleaven Walk begins at the Lucknow & District Sports Complex and continues to explore Downtown Lucknow.

Discover where the 8 hotels were once located in Lucknow and how Downtown Lucknow still looks very similar to mid-late 1900's. 

Treleaven Walk Audio 

 Audio Files by Property Address
  1. 662 Campbell St.
  2. 640 Willoughby St.
  3. 293 Place St.
  4. 323 Havelock St.
  5. 441 Havelock St.
  6. 458 Campbell St.
  7. 446 Campbell St.
  8. 457 Campbell St.
  9. 498 Campbell St.
  10. 526 Campbell St.
  11. 580 Campbell St.
  12. 477 Inglis St.
  13. 469 Inglis St.
  14. 598-606 Campbell St.
  15. 612 Campbell St.
  16. 622 Campbell St.
  17. 626 Campbell St.
  18. 630 Campbell St.
  19. 638 Campbell St.
  20. 644 Campbell St.
  21. 648 Campbell St.
 Lucknow and District Fire Department and Cemetery Information

 Historical information about the Lucknow and District Fire Department and the cemeteries in Lucknow are included in the electronic Lucknow Historical Walking Tour. Click on the links below to download the audio files for these sections.

Electronic Ripley Historical Walking Tour Map 

 MacDonald Walk

 The MacDonald Walk begins on MacDonald St. and includes the Lewis Trail, Park St. and a few other key points in Ripley.

Discover where the first Blacksmith set up shop, find the Queen's Hotel and where the old Ripley jail was located. 

MacDonald Walk Audio

 Audio Files by Property Address
  1. 1 MacDonald St.
  2. 27 Tain St.
  3. 69 Huron St.
  4. 69 B Huron St.
  5. 70-72 Huron St.
  6. 74 Huron St.
  7. 76 Huron St.
  8. 23 Jessie St.
  9. 25 Jessie St.
  10. 21 Ripley St.
  11. 2-4 Ripley St.
  12. Lewis Trail
  13. 32 Park St.
  14. 24 Park St.
  15. 1 James St.
 MacLennan Walk

The MacLennan Walk begins on Huron St. at the Ripley-Huron Community Centre and travels through Downtown Ripley. 

On this walk, you will find where the first Ripley fall fair was held, where the train station was, and who changed the name of Ripley to Dingwall in 1874.

MacLennan Walk Audio

 Audio Files by Property Address
  1. Introduction to the Ripley Walk
  2. Lot #99 Huron St.
  3. Lot 85-87, 94-96, 7 Malcolm St.
  4. Huron Market, 7 Blake St.
  5. 60 Queen St.
  6. 56 Queen St.
  7. 54 Queen St.
  8. 52 Queen St.
  9. 48 Queen St.
  10. 46 Queen St.
  11. 39 and 41 Queen St.
 Ross Walk

The Ross continues to explore Downtown Ripley and Jessie St. 

Travelling through most of Downtown Ripley on this walk you will uncover what stores were located here in the late 1800's and early 1900's, and when the Huron & Kinloss Telephone Company first opened their doors. 

Ross Walk Audio

 Audio Files by Property Address
  1. 15 Queen St.
  2. 21 Queen St.
  3. 29 Queen St.
  4. 38 Queen St.
  5. 44 and 42 Queen St.
  6. 87 Huron St.
  7. 85 Huron St.
  8. 83 Huron St.
  9. 81 Queen St.
  10. 79 Huron St.
  11. 77 Huron St.
  12. 75 Huron St.
  13. 84 Huron St.
  14. 82 Huron St.
  15. 80 Huron St.
  16. 18 Jessie St.
  17. 17 Jessie St.
  18. 11 Jessie St.
  19. 2-4 Jessie St.
  20. 1 Jessie St.

Holiday Shopping Pass

Between November 12th and December 24th, make a purchase at a participating business in Lucknow or Ripley and the amount will be recorded on a Holiday Shopping Pass in $10 increments. Spend $150 and receive a chance to win on of three $150 Huron-Kinloss Shopping Sprees! For more information, please visit the Holiday Shopping Pass webpage.

Music In the Fields

Since 2009, Lucknow`s Music in the Fields has brought world-class talent to community including artists and bands such as Blake Shelton, Billy Currington, Big & Rich, Jake Owen James Barker and many more.

This 3-day event is held on Graceland Festival Grounds, 557 Walter St., Lucknow, ON.

A picture of the stage with a musician on it at Lucknow's Music in the Fields festival.

Point Clark Lighthouse

The Point Clark Lighthouse is located at 529 Lighthouse Road, Point Clark and was built in the late 1850s to warn ships about the point that protrudes into Lake Huron and of the dangerous sandbars near the shoreline.A picture of the Point Clark Lighthouse.

This National Historic Site was one of the first ‘imperial towers' to flash its light. Six of these towers were built by John Brown on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in the 1850s. Built of limestone from nearby Inverhuron, the Point Clark Lighthouse stands 26.5 metres (80 feet) high, featuring 114 steps to get to the top. The stone tower is topped by a 12-sided lantern framed in cast iron, with a domed roof. A bronze lion head at each angle of the eaves directs rainwater away from the tower.

The lighthouse was acquired by Parks Canada in 1967 to commemorate the vital role of lighthouses in navigation on the Great Lakes. The lightkeeper's dwelling, built at the same time as the Lighthouse, is now operated as a museum by the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

For more information about the Point Clark Lighthouse, visit the Point Clark Lighthouse webpage.